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On 2 September 2018, the Star Newspaper in Malaysia published several startling articles on ‘Depression’. Here is a quote by Dr Andrew in the article ‘ Alarming spike in Mental Health Issues, warns MMHA’:

“This is a three-fold jump from a similar survey done by KKM a decade earlier,” he said, referring to the Health Ministry. “This means three out of 10 Malaysians need some form of psychological help.”

He mentioned specific data on depression in children and teenagers was not tabulated or made available in Malaysia. However, Dr Andrew Mohanraj referred to the 2015 national morbidity survey that showed 29.2% of Malaysians aged 16 and above had some form of mental health issues.

Here is an extract from another article “ Depression can happen to anyone” on the same date:

“DEPRESSION is a common, serious illness and not a personal weakness. Depression can happen to anyone, at any age. It can be triggered by chemical imbalance in the brain, hormonal changes, medication or things going on in your life. Experts say depression is the most treatable of all mental illnesses. About 60 to 80% of depressed people can be treated successfully”.

Mr Samuel Yesuiah published his letter on the Star dated 28 August 2018 and shared the reality on suicides in Malaysia:

“SUICIDE is a frightening reality that has become a scary trend in our society. A media report says that there is an average of two suicides a day in our country.

A medical newsletter reports that suicide will be the country’s second biggest cause of death after heart disease in five to 10 years.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), over a million people commit suicide every year and five per cent of the people in the world have tried to kill themselves at least once during their lifetime.

In Malaysia, most suicide cases happen among people aged between 15-30 and 50-75.

Mr Raymond Lee Kok Han, a licensed and registered Counsellor, wrote to the Star in his letter ‘How to put an end to Suicide’ on 4 September begging the New Government to create a comprehensive policy to address this public health issue.

In a nutshell, the Star and all the concerned authors are awakening us to the fact that we may have a Depression epidemic in our hands. While the number of 60% to 80% treatable cases may sound comforting, it signals that the remainder would pile up the suicidal statistics. We need to act quickly to understand what really is ‘depression’ to halt it at its track. Treatments suggested will not stop the crisis from spreading as it is a remedial response which works at dousing symptomatic level. We need to unearth the fundamentals that we believe cause the depression.

Whilst it might be coincidental that the Academy is handling a severe suicidal case at this juncture, it creates an opportunity for us to gain a greater understanding on this subject to help these ‘silent sufferers’ and reverse this terrible trend. We will be explaining over the next few weeks the progress of this case and how the Academy helps stabilize this person.

Volunteers at HG Academy have been keeping tabs on a diabetic with gangrene after he was lifted from a life threatening situation in early January 2017 (

 The person returned to work after several months of medical leave. Despite daily dressings on his amputated toe and scheduled hospital checkups, the wound was not healing well. 

 The profilers embarked on an in-depth study of the person’s activities (personal energy utilisation/ dietary pattern/ food type/ food combo/ origin (outside food or home-cooked)/ supplementation program/ medication, etc.) through a daily food log since September 2017.  A collaborative working relationship was established based on these parameters.

 Fast-forward to January 2018. After substantial information exchange of person’s personal progress and data analysis of the food logs, we are able to share the following:

 1.     Person is coping well in managing his blood glucose even with a 60- 65% reduction of “Janumet”, a drug for Type 2 diabetes.  This is accomplished through eating smaller meals to prevent sugar spike.

 2.     His wound is nearly healed without slough build up vs. pre-September 2017. In fact the wound was completely healed/dried up when 2 factors were unexpectedly present itself.  The first factor, was his personal energy level was elevated and devoid of work stress because of the Holiday Festive Season in December. The 2nd factor was that he was able to eat home cooked meals.

 3.     The last statement is not implying that all outside food is no good. However, the person must be observant as to whether the food source that he is consuming daily is contributing to his recovery or not.  It is important that one must activates his thinking cap and investigate the cause of the slow recovery. The person must not do the same thing as it will bring forward the same outcome. Just by eliminating his routine food, the person discovered there is a significant impact on his wound. Possibly the home-cooked food has the elements below that are benevolent to his body which are not available in the food before:

  •  Ingredients for cooking have been carefully selected so that they would not trigger any known allergy/allergies that shall elevate inflammation§  Avoidance of GMO/ hybrid food/ gluten/ etc.
  • Meticulous preparation of meats besides merely washing them- like ozonisation to remove long chain fatty acids and using bamboo salt to remove chemical toxins (from livestock feed, growth hormone, antibiotics, etc.)
  • Soaking vegetables and fruits using ACV (apple cider vinegar) or bamboo salt to strip off pesticides
  • Use of fresh oil that is non rancid or oxidized for cooking.  

‘Compatible foods’ that supply an adequate spectrum of nutrients are essential for the body to heal – this is based on the Academy’s experience in handling many cases and R&D. 


The Academy is currently testing out the efficacy of bamboo salt as a remedy for removing chemical toxins in the body.  Initial results have been encouraging.  Watch out for more info as we collate more data and insights into this area.

Skin health especially of the face is one that women hold dear at heart.  When one has skin problem, it not only affects their self-esteem and confidence, it also brings about unbearable itch and pain which could even last through the night, depriving one of quality sleep.  After trying various measures and when one  is not able to tolerate the pain anymore, some would turn to steroids.

Taking steroids is only a temporarily relief.  One would  probably have to take it every couple of hours just to stay in that relieved state, but those who know the harmful effects of steroids know deep down that this is not the remedy.

After reviewing several cases of skin problems, we have found out a few key important factors to skin health which most might have overlooked.  This is the very reason for sharing this as we wish to change the perception of skin problem and the way to deal with it.  The factors which affect skin health are:

  1. Low electrical charge
  2. Dehydration
  3. Calcification
  4. Deficiency in minerals, especially sulphur and vitamin C
  5. Low quality protein intake (vitamin B12)
  6. Chemical toxins and allergy
  7. Exposure to radiation  

All these factors are interconnected and play an integral role in contributing to skin health. There is  a specific connection which seems to escape most people,  which we think is simmering to explode. It is the link between radiation and vitamin C.

We have observed from our past healing cases that when vitamin C was given at the correct dosage, the inflamed skin and itch would subside and disappear altogether in time. Vitamin C plays a vital role in skin health. The question here is how did we lose Vitamin C and cause our skin to deteriorate?

Vitamin C was  first discovered to be the cure for scurvy in the 1930s by Albert Scent Gyorgyl – when sailors on the ship had no fresh vegetables and fruits for many months to replenish their vitamin C requirements. It was the inaccessibility to such foods that caused the deficiency of vitamin C. Reversal of scurvy was simple - just put back the vitamin C. Since then, scurvy is a long forgotten problem.   

The modern era presents a different kind of sea that we sail in. It is the sea of radiation. Radiation can wipe out our reserve of vitamin C in hours or even minutes depending on the intensity. The worse is that most are totally oblivious of it.

Profiling cases indicate that each profilee of skin problem suffered from compounding radiation effects. The sources of radiation came from activities that they did not take  notice of:

  1. Vacation in a country that has high radioactive levels
  2. Non-stop exposure to electromagnetic fields: Wi-Fi, mobile phones, security system, computers and cordless phones
  3. From the energetic perspective, we found the most unexpected and harmful form of radiation is  the release of human emotions -  anger and grief are terrible radioactive emissions which harm the body and radiate outwards to the surrounding eventually affecting all those around them.

On their own, these sources of radiation are already dangerous by itself. The compounding effect with a few of these further aggravate the level/intensity of the radioactivity.  An example is one who attends the world’s largest electronics exhibition in a foreign country. One is exposed to over 20,000 visitors which means 20,000 active mobile phones, 5 Wi-Fi system which are switched on, thousands of computers, TVs and other electronic devices at the same time.

You returned home after spending 5 days there. Suddenly your body has eczema all over. You wondered why.  It is all the radiation which has wiped out all your vitamin C reserve!  You would never have linked the problem to the over exposure of EMF! Do not be surprised if scurvy makes a comeback!

The solution is simple: cut down your radioactive exposure and make sure you have sufficient  vitamin C.

After months of sleeping with acute pain at the pelvic region, she could now finally have a good night’s sleep!  It all began with a simple step of reviewing her daily dietary habits.  She did not realise that the pain was caused by her diet which was too acidic.

She then made changes as follows:

  • Changed to a grain-free diet
  • Reduced intake of meat and increased intake of fruits/vegetables
  • Increased hydration level
  • Took supplements that have alkalizing effect on the bioterain
  • Wrapped aluminium sheet over pain area (to deflect EMF)

Initially, the profilee had release of bad odour and passing out gas from her body.  By the 5th day, the pain started to subside and she could sleep better from there on.

After several years of putting up with and trying to cover up her skin disorder, healee could now wear her favourite clothes! Her suffering has ended! She finally nailed down what her body needs - vitamin B12 and good quality protein. Her past diet which was mainly vegetables and carbohydrates-based, lacks these two important nutrients.  Thus, she did not nutrify the body with the right nutrients to strengthen her immune system to  facilitate the repair of her body. This is the missing link! 

This breakthrough on diet changes the course of healing for skin disorder. It offers those afflicted with such condition an alternative natural remedy vs medications which generally only suppress the symptoms.  The Academy has been searching for a natural solution and managed to find a supplier of good quality eggs. Once the healee added these eggs and meat into her daily diet, it took  approximately 4 weeks for her skin condition to reverse. 

We wish to reiterate that the key in healing in this case is good quality protein.  We believe it is a misperception to classify all meats as toxic. This notion may deprive your body the missing molecules (nutrients) it requires for repair and risk blocking our mind to the natural solutions that could be available.  Please re-assess  your diet if your current one  is not working for you. Check the quality of your food. If it is good, even though the prices may be  a tad more expensive, please support these suppliers because they serve for the betterment of mankind.  

The Academy sent out this alert to its practitioners the next day following the floods that hit Penang over the weekend of 4th-5th November 2017:

From HG's perspective, the storm over the weekend of 5th November in Penang & weather changes in other parts of the world are part of Earth changes as Mother Earth raises its frequency. Refer to article re Schumann's Resonance.

These inevitable changes occurred as a result of blocked gridlines & grid points being repaired/reconnected to enable law imprints to be re-established on Earth.

To help all go through this transition period, HG has outlined the following protocols to help you and your family/friends weather through this period.

A.  Protocol for Field Management

Maintain a coherent field so as not to stress the grid which is working on geo energetics.

Just remain calm, no matter what the present circumstances are. Keep cleaning your field. It is the main source of your protection. 

Don’t stress and worry too much. 

B.  Protocol for basic supplements and food

1. Please ensure that you have enough fiber or cleanztox to protect your GI tract

2. Store sufficient water, recharge your Revitaliser and drink hourly except an hour before and after meal. (Please pay close attention to step 1 and 2).

Please be aware, most 911 cases are kidney-related issue (Water retention and bloating) that leads to emergency. Please stay hydrated and ensure the colon has sufficient fibre. 

3. Please have the following supplements ready:

a. Ginger/ginger oil

b. MSM if any

c. Coconut oil (capsules or bottled/Frankincense oil

d. Nano silver/Pau d' arco or alternatively Astragalus

e. Turmeric

f. Bamboo salt/Epsom salt

g. Magnesium oil

h. Pine bark extract and vitamin C (if possible, HG Bio C 2000)

All HG supplements will be extremely useful during emergency.

C.  Crystals for Emergency

Please keep some for emergency. 

 All crystals will be useful. Please recharge all your tumbled stone crystals if you have any. 

A. Unable to absorb water

We have encountered those who drink up to five litres of water a day, yet are still dehydrated.

From our profiling experience, some of the key factors identified for the inability to absorb water are:

  1. A diet high in sugar blocks water absorption at cellular level
  2. A diet lacking in sufficient fibre which is necessary to retain water in the colon
  3. Lack of energy e.g. lack of energy from the sun may create difficulty in distributing water to the rest of the body; lack of bioelectricity to distribute water due to a stressful lifestyle and too much exposure to electromagnetic fields
  1. Imbalance of sodium:potassium ratio at the cellular level
  2. Hormonal imbalance
  3. Water consumed is not structured water and hence cells unable to take in the water.
  4. Cells in dehydration mode
  5. Toxicity interferes with absorption at cellular level

If you could alter the above factors, absorption of water will increase dramatically.

B. Inability to retain water in the body

The most common reason we hear from our profiling cases for not hydrating their body is the inability to hold their bladder.  Most healees have to rush to the toilet just ten minutes after drinking water. Because of this, many do not want to drink water as it is felt to be too troublesome.

  1. Drinking is not the root cause of this problem. There are 2 issues contributing to the inability to retain water.1.  A diet high in carbohydrate and protein causes the body to be too acidic and urinating is the body’s natural way to re-establish the right pH balance. 
  2. Toxicity. If the body has a high toxin level, it will use water as a means to remove toxins from the body by passing it out as urine. It is not unusual for the body to pass out toxins shortly after drinking water. The body is intelligent and it would not keep toxins in the body for long if water is available to flush it out.
  3. Infection. There are many who have infection in their urinary system and are unaware of it. These pathogens are causing their urinary system to malfunction; as a result they have difficulty in controlling their bladder.
  4. Calcification. This is a serious problem for the middle and elderly aged groups. The membranes and tissues are solidified by calcium deposit rendering them impermeable to hydration. Many diseases turn chronic because of dehydration that is aggravated by calcification of tissues and membranes.

The key to resolving these three issues is changing one’s mindset on what it means to take care of their body. For beginners, it is important to start from basics, i.e changing their current diet and their pre-existing habits of hydrating themselves.

Healees should not stop drinking water because of these issues otherwise they would  be creating separate and larger health problems in the future. 

A common mistake we observed from our profiling experience is many drink during meals.  This habit has a serious impact on the health of one’s body and the cause of many diseases.

Drinking water while eating dilutes the hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach thus food is not properly digested.  Undigested food will then putrefy and create an environment for bacteria and parasite to thrive in the gastrointestinal tract.

When these pathogens breed in the gastrointestinal tract, it will fight for the supply of nutrients against the body. As they multiply in numbers, they would alter the body’s terrain to suit them. They would interfere with the body’s cell-to-cell communication and impair the immune system and thus overrun the body.

For those not into energetic practice, the gastrointestinal tract is the main system where the body can access nutrients to operate the vital functions. If pathogens overrun this system, imagine the health problems that would ensue.


So, do not drink while eating!  As a general rule, half hour before eating and one hour after eating is the time where no water should be taken.  You should drink as much water as possible outside of these hours. 

Absorption and digestion of foods had always been my issues since I was a teen. Although I did not feel bloated after eating, I could tell I had digestive problem from output of my bowel movement. Foods that I ate did not get broken down in my digestive system and they came out still undigested, especially vegetables.

I learned from our School that to optimize digestion, we ought to:

Firstly, build up our hydrochloric acid for digestion by drinking sufficient amount of water before noon. The average amount is 2.5-3.0 litres of plain water (depending on individual requirements).

Secondly, we should not drink close to and after meal times so that we do not dilute our gastric juices. The suggested way is to stop water intake one hour before meal, and to resume one hour after; to aid digestion.

I adopted this protocol for some time but my issues were still not resolved. Learning from the foundation of that protocol, I decided to stop liquid intake two hours before and only begin to drink 90 minutes or two hours after meal. My meals are restricted to only solids. Liquids such as beverages or soups are only taken after foods have been digested.

Initially it was rather difficult for me because I sometimes felt thirsty after a meal especially when I ate out, but as I could feel that foods in my stomach were not completely broken down (still feeling rather full), I would delay quenching my thirst until ‘the right time’ to drink. After a week, I could see results. No more undigested foods in my excrement!


Finding out what is best for one’s body and learning to collaborate with the body is one of the keys to health. As the results of this new habit brought about positive outcome to me, I encourage others to try - and adjust according to your body’s needs where necessary.