As Heaven’s Gift originates from a healing background, it treats geomancy as a form of healing. HG Geomancy Solution is an integral component of Heaven’s Gift’s holistic approach in the mastery of energies to transform one’s life. Energy flows, life flows. Any disruption or blockages to the energy flow will manifest in different aspects of your well-being such as wealth, health, relationships, etc. In healing, our healers are trained to detect and identify energetic imbalances or blockages in the physical body.
Yes. Heaven’s Gift Crystal Geomancy Grid is not religion-based. It does not matter whether the occupant is Buddhist, Christian or other religious denominations. We use crystals to balance and harmonise the several layers of energetic interaction between the environment, the house and the occupant.
Combining any form of energy treatment is not recommended. You should only adopt a single modality. Blending two modalities at the same time is similar to taking two different types of medication concurrently or a combination of both. When you do that, you could be creating conflicting instructions to your body at once. Your body may be confused as to which instruction to follow. At the end it would be difficult to identify which medication works or does not work. Worst still, this may distort your symptom profile.
No. The prerequisite for a crystal to be selected by Heaven’s Gift for the HG Crystal Geomancy Grid is that the crystal must possess the necessary energetic potential within its structural form i.e. it must be able to store and execute command functions (programmmes) and channel higher frequency of cosmic energy.
Whether you are the owner of a large or small business or you work for a company, having the conducive conditions will support your endeavours in materialising your business goals or enhance your career opportunities. Every business, irrespective of its scale, originates from the vision of an individual, its owner/entrepreneur.
A crystal’s perfect geometric structure, minerals chemical composition, colour and shape render it very versatile as a counter measure or enhancer in geomancy. Instead of being restricted or confined to just one representation/function, we can select which function of the crystal to perform the energetic work required. As HG’s crystals are specially selected for their energetic potential, e.g. when personalising our HG Geomancy Solution, we can select the colour function of a rose quartz and programme it to harmonise relationship issue for a specific property.
The CLT Geomancy Grid is configured to cleanse, restructure, re-energise, balance and harmonise the prevailing energies in the house to create a conducive energetic environment for the occupant’s total well-being. However, there is another important element involved in achieving total well-being – the occupant’s active participation
As CLT Geomancy Solution is a holistic process, it addresses many layers of energetic influence simultaneously. Those who are sensitive to energy may feel discomfort upon installation due to the house energy going through a cleansing phase. The energy shift sometimes has physical manifestations in your home. E.g. your salt lamps may fuse or some electrical appliances may suddenly malfunction or the plumbing in the property may become blocked. The converse is also possible where appliances that were unreliable before may start to function better.
No, unless there has been a major structural renovation or changes in the external environment such as an overwhelmingly huge and tall building being erected or construction of a new highway. However, all Crystal Grids must be re-energised annually. During the re-energising exercise, our Geomancy Consultant will take the opportunity to also conduct a check on the energetic condition of your property to determine if it necessitates strengthening of the current grid. As energy is dynamic, its influence changes over time.
It is best not to touch the crystals. The crystals are cleansed during the annual re-energising by HG Geomancy Consultants.