As Heaven’s Gift originates from a healing background, it treats geomancy as a form of healing. HG Geomancy Solution is an integral component of Heaven’s Gift’s holistic approach in the mastery of energies to transform one’s life. Energy flows, life flows. Any disruption or blockages to the energy flow will manifest in different aspects of your well-being such as wealth, health, relationships, etc. In healing, our healers are trained to detect and identify energetic imbalances or blockages in the physical body.
We are an independent organization with no affiliation or connection to any religion, meditation groups/schools and alternative healing establishments. Our centre comprises of qualified practitioners who have benefited from the Crystal Light Transmission philosophy & practice system. They have willingly volunteered their time to share their experiences with members of the public in the hope of contributing towards improving the quality of life of mankind.
Individuals fall ill due to the poor flow of vital subtle energies. Heaven’s Gift crystal healing employs the advanced Crystal Light Transmission (CLT) technique which utilizes light harnessed by clear quartz crystals, to restore and revitalize the flow of life force in the human subtle energetic system.
Through our years of healing, we discovered that physical illnesses/diseases originate at the molecular level which is the human’s subtle energetic system. As such, our system of crystal healing focuses on healing the human subtle energetic system.
Revitalizes energy flow in the human body at all levels of one's being. Improves health and mental clarity. Stabilizes emotional states. Expands one's state of awareness.
Each healing modality has its own unique features. In the practice of qi-gong, one harnesses qi. A pranic healer utilizes prana to heal. In the CLT practice system, we harness cosmic light through the medium of quartz crystal to restore, refine and transform the human energetic system.
CLT introduces the practice of a set of simple and specially designed techniques using quartz crystals to develop concentration, presence of mind and ability to gradually master the art of harnessing and assimilating Light energy from the cosmos. The student is literally learning dexterity in the reception and transmission of light energy.
Practising CLT consistently and diligently will improve an individual’s quality of health, life, consciousness and ultimately brings inner peace.
CLT is a non-sectarian and non-religious practice. It does not involve worship or prayer rituals. The CLT practice system merely teaches the student the science and art of handling light energy. It can therefore be practised by almost anyone who can meet the pre-admission requirements.
You can enroll for a CLT workshop at the Heaven’s Gift Academy of Crystal Light Transmission. Kindly contact us at 603-7729 1908.