HG Water Elixir

We Are What We Drink

To construct a strong solid house, what do you need? Good quality raw materials, of course. Then, to build a healthy ‘physiological house’ - your body, what must you do? Drink high quality water! Occupying 75% of our body, water supports a host of vital biochemical functions of the body, such as digestion, detoxification, elimination, circulatory, transport of nutrients, regulation of body temperature, etc. Beyond the physical realms, it empowers our thought processes, feelings and moods.

What Is High Quality Water?

Most kinds of water can sustain life but can they regenerate cells to furnish life force for healing and rejuvenation of the body? Is high quality water limited only to physical and chemical purity? No. The parameters extend beyond the physical to include energetic qualities of the water.

Current Condition of Water

Water is inherently life-giving but often loses its life force through current water treatments such as chemical filtration or by contamination from the environment. Water is de-vitalized, resulting in its minerals content, which is responsible for its energetic qualities, being destabilized.

LIGHT—To The Rescue

How are you supposed to nourish your body appropriately since most of the water allegedly no longer provides the essential elements for maintaining sound health? How do we restore the intrinsic properties of this primary source of nourishment?
According to energy principles, every alteration or change of matter can be reverted to its original state by adding the missing energy with its information. Now, what power, what kind of energy does it take to achieve that? Naturally, it has to come from the primal source of creation, which we refer to as Light. It is primordial energies from Light that imbue physical matter with the properties of energy, motion, force, form, sound, colour, life, intelligence and consciousness etc. With this principle, Heaven’s Gift has developed and refined a proprietary technology of energising water, utilizing natural crystals, which have the ability to harness and organize rays of this Light energy to restructure water. It removes negative vibrational imprint of any contaminants that the water has previously contacted and imprints the water with beneficial frequencies from natural crystals to facilitate biological functions. At the same time, it also organises water molecules into small clusters of colloidal size that allows easy assimilation. By drinking HG elixir, you will be taking in the vibrational essence of different types of minerals which have been synthesized by Light energy through the medium of crystals. This compensates for one’s energy and mineral deficiencies to support overall well-being.
Our elixir is bottled in 500 ml container and retails at RM45.00 for a box of 24