HG Crystal Healing Services

An advanced healing therapy that uses natural crystals to restore health and vitality.

Crystal healing is a non-invasive therapy that directs healing energies to the human subtle energy system instead of the physical body. Our system of healing utilizes light energy harnessed by natural crystals to revitalize and balance the flow of life force. Energetic changes that occur at this level will gradually be transformed into healing in the physical body.

In ancient times, the Chinese explored the continuity of our physical systems and developed the acupuncture meridian system. Likewise, the Indian yogis revealed the existence of the chakra system. Both of these modalities can be referred to as the human subtle energy system. It consists of energy processing centers located along an intricate network of channels which help to regulate the flow of vital life force into different organs of the body.

Crystal healing brings about a revitalized energy flow on all levels of one’s being. It restores the body’s innate healing capabilities, improves health, mental clarity and stabilizes the emotions of an individual.

Distinctive Features

  • Non-invasive therapy that utilizes light energy harnessed by natural crystals to induce a positive transformation of an individual’s physical, emotional & mental states.
  • Purify, balance, harmonize & revitalize the composition of the five elements within the body thus effectively restoring the flow of vital life force.
  • The therapy does not produce any harmful side effects to the individual.
  • Releases stress and dissonant energies effectively.
  • Introduces a comprehensive healthcare maintenance programme.

HG Profiling Services

The primary objective of CLT profiling is to help you reconnect to yourself so you can take back the responsibility of healing yourself. It starts with balancing the 4 Bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies).

All issues in life stem from lack of love and non-compliance to the Laws of Nature. Thus set the imbalances in our 4 Bodies.

We live our life with a mind and character that disconnects us from our 4 Bodies. For example, we tend to have a diet that is not compatible with our body (eg inflammatory foods) and engage in a lifestyle that externalises and drains our precious essence and energy instead of conserving it to initiate self-healing mechanism in us.

The key features of the counselling sessions are:

  • To help one Identify the root cause of imbalances by understanding one’s dietary & lifestyle habits
  • To unearth deep-seated/subconscious factors leading to imbalances
  • On improving one's life, health, energy management and consciousness through interactive participation from the profilee

In support of our continuous research and development in the fields of crystal light energetics, we provide crystal healing services/profiling services every Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Academy. Please call our Service Hotline at 603-7729 1908 for an appointment.