HG Aura Photography

Auras are a type of electromagnetic energy emitted by all living things (including plants). This energy surrounds our bodies. Some people are afraid to have their aura photographed in case it is a bad one. There is no such thing as a bad aura, only one which is out of balance. The whole point of having your aura photographed is so that you can be told where it is out of balance and be given advice as to how to restore it to full harmony.

The aura photography systems used in Heaven’s Gift are the Win Aura and The Aura Video Station. It is an Interactive Multimedia Biofeedback System based on the principles of Bio-feedback and Color Psychology. The Aura Video Station is using Bio-feedback Sensors to measure, analyze and process the bio-feedback data of the energetic and activity levels of a person. This bio data is then correlated with specific emotional-energetic states and displayed accordingly on the screen.

This system will show your aura head shot and full body aura chakras on screen. It also displays your chakra activity graph, your energy level, and also gives you an overview of how your energies are distributed between Body, Mind and Spirit. It also shows your emotional reactions and true thoughts and inner feelings. Based on your body temperature, it also displays your overall mind/body condition and your physical relaxation or stress level.