It operates mainly behind the scene, like digestion and breathing. It’s not something that we consciously think about, and then we realize what an important role it plays when we are threatened by a potential disease or a viral outbreak; as in the case of the coronavirus.

In today’s modern world, we are constantly exposed to different kinds of viruses, disease-causing microorganisms, unhealthy diet, stress and contaminated environment. So it’s not surprising that we have a poor immune system which causes us to easily fall ill and have a slower recovery rate.

The idea of boosting our immunity is enticing but here’s the low-down, the ability to do so successfully has proven elusive for a long time.

Here’s why:

  • There is still much that researchers don’t know about the intricacies and interconnectedness of the immune response.
  • There are still no scientifically proven direct links between lifestyle and enhanced immune function.
  • Our immune system is precisely that…..a system, and not a single mechanism or organ in our body. So for it to function well, it requires us to maintain a state of homeostasis within our body to provide it with balance and harmony.

So, how many people in this world have managed to reach a state of homeostasis in order for their immunity to evolve optimally with the changing times? Not many, judging from the rising number of illnesses, some of which I have difficulty pronouncing their names. And what’s with the rise in autoimmune diseases in the past 20 years?

Our complex immune system is our best weapon against diseases; recognizing and ignoring all our body’s cells and tissues, and simultaneously attacking any foreign “invaders” such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. However, in autoimmune diseases, it turns on itself and attacks its host i.e. the body’s own cells and tissues. Research has shown that autoimmunity is now one of the most common disease categories, ahead of cancer and heart disease. The frequency at which it is being diagnosed has caused some medical experts to call it an epidemic.

You might wonder, how in the world did we arrive at this stage? Since our immune system is supposed to grow stronger through time, producing smart ways to destroy pathogens and viruses, to keep them out of our bodies before they take us out, but instead it does the exact opposite? It just doesn’t add up.

In the current state of worry over the coronavirus, much information has been released to guide us to avoid infection, such as, washing our hands frequently, taking high doses of Vitamin C, avoiding crowded places, getting enough sleep, wearing protective masks, etc. While this advice is helpful to cut down the risks of exposure and contamination, it does little to help in strengthening our immunity.

As such, our sole defense and protection lies only in the strength of our immune system. So it is this that we need to put our focus on in order to work towards a state of equilibrium and homeostasis. So how do we start to do this?

To learn more, look out for our upcoming newsflashes. We will explain step by step in how to achieve this and the rationale behind each step……so stay tuned…….