Saving our Planet Earth

“If we do not care about this Earth, if we do not care about the water, food and environment, I think nobody can survive, whether you are big or small. This is the concern, this is the worry I have.” Jack Ma

As a global community, when the onslaught of news of every distressing environmental disaster around the world finds its way into our home, does it make us feel powerless and look the other way? So far, the battle cry comes mainly from the environmentalists and NGOs. The situation has become so critical that even the business community acknowledges that to continue the way we are may be profitable in the short run but suicidal in the end. More and more people recognise our interrelationship with the natural world, how we affect it, and now, more dramatically, how it can affect us. Jack Ma, the leading e-commerce entrepreneur is one of them who also recognises the problem with Earth and expresses his concern. When he was interviewed by ex-president Obama in November 2016, he said:

“Well it’s not the passion, it's the concern, it’s the worry. When I was 12 years old I went to swim in a lake and I almost died in that lake because the water was too deep, much deeper than I thought. But five years ago went to that Lake again, the total lake was dry and a lot of people have disease. And the second concern are of the young colleagues who have died of cancer. 20 years ago very few people have heard about cancer, the word. But now almost, most of the families, my friends, they have people who have cancers. So if we've been working so hard, if we work so hard and put all the money in the house to buy medicine, it will be disaster. Why should we be working? So, if without a healthy environment on this Earth, no matter how much money you make, no matter how wonderful you are, it will be a bad disaster. So it's the concern we have. So, we started six years ago, put 0.3 percent of the money of the total Alibaba revenue to encourage, enable all the young people to find a creative way to solve the problem. And I think the money is always not enough but the money we use is to try to wake up people's consciousness - should know that the climate change is a problem, they should know, they should agree that the water is a problem, the food is in problem. So that is what we think and after doing that, we think, what Alibaba believes is, where is the opportunity? The opportunity always lies in the place where people worry. If you solve the worry problem, that's the greatest opportunity you have. So after five years we find this is a huge chance. As you said, two weeks ago, Bill Gates called me about inviting me to join force together, investing in the Green technology. I think it's a fantastic idea and I think it took me and the company believes this is something that we can do to the contribution. As I say, we compare to 50 years ago we are big but compared to 50 years later we're small, but if we do not care about this Earth, we do not care about the water, food, the environment, I think nobody can survive, whether you're big or small. So this is the concern, this is the worry I have.”

Jack Ma’s narrative resonates with the work which Heaven’s Gift has begun nearly 2 decades ago. Health is dependent on the land. To improve the land, we have to first elevate human consciousness, otherwise we do not know how to handle the land, irrespective of whether we are a corporate entity or an individual. Put differently, we must take care of the land in order to take care of self. From our research and assessment on the environment, we find that human activities can affect and deplete the mineral contents of a plot of land due to lack of consciousness. E.g. some families have accumulated wealth and power but they have overlooked that in the process, the land has become depleted in supporting those activities. That is why some wealthy families struggle to sustain their wealth after a few generations. Likewise, countries would also have depleted the land in their push for economic development. When that happens, there will be national disasters, followed by massive problems in the country. Japan is an example, brought down to their knees ecologically by the Fukushima meltdown and impacting other countries too. Similarly, we are witnessing catastrophes striking around the world.

The present global situation reflects the plunging decline in human consciousness, and one of the missions of Heaven’s Gift is to elevate human consciousness. This is achieved by anchoring information to elevate human consciousness via the CLT grid system so that people will take care of Earth. This involves strategic placement of crystals to harness Light energy to balance and replenish the soil with full spectrum of minerals. At the fundamental level, minerals are the building blocks of life that Earth provides. However, the food we consume nowadays are nutrients-deficient due to infertile top-soil. We become malnourished and this affects our level of consciousness, resulting in the present topsy-turvy global situation.

We began this restoration process by gridding our own land, Malaysia in 2001 and subsequently stepped into Singapore and Brunei.  After the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, we doubled our efforts in replenishing minerals in the South East and East Asian region.  In 2006 we anchored in Hong Kong, thus preventing further onslaughts by tsunamis despite the occurrence of numerous mega earthquakes since then.  Similarly, after another devastating Japan tsunami in 2011, we concentrated our gridding efforts in the region near Japan, again successfully preventing any further tsunami calamity.  The most significant energetic contribution by crystal gridding to this region is the prevention of radioactive contamination of the South China Sea from the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear reactors.Extent of Fukushima radiationThe region was further strengthened by subsequent griddings in the financial hub of Hong Kong in 2012 and 2013.  Shanghai followed close on the heels of Hong Kong in 2014. Lately, we have also received enquiries from countries in the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring of Fire” - The Philippines and Japan.

In addition to gridding, we have been conducting annual assessment on the energetic condition of these places too. At the same time, we have also been keeping an eye on Japan, Korea and The Philippines as we have grave concern over the fast deteriorating energetic conditions of these countries. As all are aware, a nuclear war threat is looming in the region as North Korea drags China into a confrontation with the US and Japan.

Deteriorating energetic condition signals there is an imbalance which primarily arises from minerals depletion. Earth always seeks a balance. When land is depleted of minerals, Nature triggers volcanic eruptions as a way to replenish minerals to the land. Likewise, tsunamis are acts of cleansing and remineralising while earthquakes repair Earth meridian lines.

For years HG has been working on some of these depleted lands and we are witnessing the impact of heightened consciousness from the information provided via gridding. Influential entrepreneur like Jack Ma is stretching out to help by speaking up and creating a fund to raise consciousness to save Earth.

There is now a clarion call for all to recognise and acknowledge the urgency of this ballooning crisis that is confronting humankind. This crisis belongs to ALL. When Planet Earth is destroyed, all inhabitants, which include us, will follow suit as we are all part of an integrated system, period. Therefore, even if you are living in a country which is enjoying the greatest period of growth and prosperity, you will not escape the eventual collapse and destruction if we as a collective whole, fail to stop the rot.

Hence, restoring Earth via gridding, one is protecting patriarch land for the future of one's lineage, and at the planetary level, saving Planet Earth.  It starts with us. Earth can only be healed when we ‘heal’ ourselves. This calls for transformation work to be done by us on all levels of existence (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and the environment). Saving Planet Earth is therefore going beyond being vegetarian, eating organic, recycling plastic bottles, etc. (although they play supportive roles). It is about restoring the human and planetary DNA because the contamination and damage is at every level of existence. This is pivotal to present and future evolution of humankind.

For those who are interested to know more of what could be done to avert the need for Nature’s intervention in restoring balance, which is more often than not, achieved in a catastrophic manner, stay tuned for more to follow.