The Only Solution for Mankind & Planet Earth - Part I: Understanding Entropy

Every day we wake up to news throbbing with fever of chaos, turbulence, natural and man-made calamities, financial tsunami, political unrest, war threats, food and water crises, and the list goes on. It begs the questions, “What has our world become, what have WE become?” The current global scene is a vivid reflection of the degradation of mankind at the core. Despite being confronted with all these challenges, mankind is more preoccupied with material pursuits and gratification on the physical realm than in critical issues concerning the survival of the human race and planet Earth. Life is perceived by most to be of one dimensional and physical in nature; devoid of spirit and conscience. Having such a myopic vision of life certainly has its drawbacks. It is when their very existence has been threatened by financial ruin or debilitating diseases, people then will be coaxed into investing their time and resources in health restoration or other physical remedial measures to overcome their dilemma. There are others who, in utter desperation, might pursue spiritual path just to barter for favours with Divine Providence. More often, their lives are snuffed out quicker than they are able to administer remedial measures. Whatever the world has become today results from wrong human assessment and choices that are made by grossly degraded human brains.  External manifestations are reflection of the internal wiring of the collective human consciousness. It is indeed an indisputable fact that human genetics has been corrupted at the very core. We are witnessing this prevalent trend even in our CLT community where children have inherited a host of biological dysfunctions that include Down syndrome, autism, ADHD and dyslexia. Despite HG spilling the beans regarding human DNA protection and restoration for our practitioners several years ago, many did not take heed and failed to address the aforementioned problems. Many erroneously thought that the problems are far too remote for them to worry then. If that has been the stance, it simply means that they are losing precious time in rectifying the condition that will gradually lead to further loss of human biological function for some, and loss of life for others. Cut to the present, we bear witness to the effects of substantial degeneration of the brain because practitioners have not taken action to halt the decline when warned. Now they and their afflicted loved ones have to confront the problem which has further worsened since then. According to research statistics, the number of children with autism has gone from 1 in 5,000 in 1975 to 1 in 68 today. And Dr. Stephanie Seneff, research scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) issued a warning that at today’s rate, half of all children i.e. one in two will be autistic by 2025! If these children with impaired brain functions are going to be the decisions-makers of the future, then we are in graver predicament than we are already in. By the time they take over the reins, their brain functionality would have deteriorated exponentially. We can now ascribe the current world’s dilemma as consequences of decisions-making by dysfunctional brains. The present yardstick or criteria for measuring the worth and functionality of a person (such as affluence, etc.) needs to be re-examined and jettisoned.  We have a moral responsibility towards future generations and owe it to them by not undermining their opportunities of a truly human life, with incorrect assessment of values, actions and choices on our part. Therefore, isn't it imperative that the issue of brain degradation of our sons and daughters be addressed now, as the future of Earth and Mankind is in their hands! Not all is in vain; only if we pull the brakes on the devastation of human functionalities now. From our healing archive, by comparison, those who have taken the cue from HG and actually executed preventive measures and regimes that restored the brain, are achieving promising results. To cite a case, after implementing the recommended protocol to restore brain function, a dyslexic child with ADHD as well, achieved remarkable recovery. From being always amongst the last three, he leapfrogged to become the top three in class. His teachers were amazed at the quantum leap in his academic achievement. At the same time, his ADHD behaviour had gone away. That means, reversal of genetic damage is achievable with commitment to act without delay upon awareness. Therefore, as far as we are concerned, all of humankind whether they are spiritually or materially inclined, healthy or sick, rich or poor, have to address immediately two fundamental problems:

  1. Pre natal (before birth) genetic damage
  2. Post natal (after birth) genetic damage

Genetic entropy

The two aforementioned factors are linked to the modern term called genetic entropy. So, what is genetic entropy? To understand genetic entropy, we need to comprehend the definition of entropy in the context of physics. According to the second law of thermodynamics, it states that energy of all kinds in the material world disperses and spreads out if it is not hindered from doing so. And entropy is the quantitative measurement of such energy loss. When applied to genetics, it means gradual loss of genetic information in the human genome that is irreversible. The genome is the sum total of all our genetic makeup. It is basically an instruction manual, much like a computer programme, on how to build a human cell and how to build a human body. According to Dr John Sanford, a plant geneticist and inventor who conducted research at Cornell University for more than 25 years, “We are a galaxy of design, complexity and amazing functionality but it is the genome that contains all the information that enables that. It is an amazing information system. It is very hard to imagine how that came together. More and more, it looks like top-down design and not just bottom-up chance discovery of making complex systems.” That is an awed acknowledgement of divine creations. In other words, we should resolve the problem top-down through reconnection with the Source of our genetic blueprint and not approach from a disconnected state of bottom-up which is in denial of intelligent design. So, genetic entropy is the gradual loss of functional genetic information that causes life to eventually cease. Even the leading geneticists have acknowledged that science is unable to halt genetic entropy that is leading humans to extinction. And our genetic predisposition, lifestyle and nutrition determine how, when and where genetic damage will manifest. The Buddhist equivalent to genetic entropy may very well be termed as karma. Likewise, the Christians call it original sin. Since the present minds are more attuned to scientific method of investigation into the mysteries of life, we find it appropriate to introduce the concept of genetic entropy. Along this line of thinking, we shall soon see that science and religion will converge on the same objective despite launching from different trajectories.

Searching for our Primordial Programmer

Dr Dean Kenyon, a leading chemical evolution theorist in the world, was totally convinced that he had the scientific explanation for origins. Yet five years after the publication of a best-selling text on the theory of chemical evolution, Kenyon had to reassess his conviction regarding origins. He was challenged by his own student to explain WHO provided the initial genetic instruction for the proteins to arrange themselves into an organism. It was blindingly obvious that theory collides with reality. His famous theory crumbled and he had to acknowledge that there is an intelligent design behind all creations. In the years since Kenyon’s rejection of chemical evolution, science reveals the details of an entire system of information processing that bears the hallmarks of intelligent designs. However, the second law of thermodynamics maintains that all matter naturally decays and living system naturally dies. But, we view the accelerated rate of degradation of the human DNA now as far from being natural. And Albert Einstein hit the nail when he said that problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them. So, to address the critical issue of genetic entropy, mankind is left with no other alternative than to search, find and plea for help from the Primordial Programmer or the Creator that has programmed us with all the functional genetic information and provided us with all the genetic material and energy. Irrespective of our racial background, this search will converge in the same spiritual realm where the answer lies. Somehow we must strive to reconnect to the source of our creation. However, mainstream science does not recognize the existence of a Primordial Programmer and has chosen to believe that life evolved without intelligent design and propagates the Darwinian model to explain human evolution. Science instead, attempts to decode the human genome in the hope of halting ageing/death and achieving immortality.

Spiritual path is the search for lost genetic information

Admittedly, the indiscriminate use of the word spiritual has rendered its meaning to become grossly misunderstood in our modern technological world. We are apprehensive about using this word because it triggers adverse reactions from listeners/readers. It denotes different meanings to different people. Materialists would feel constricted and shudder at the thought of it. We view it quite differently. Anyone who embarks on a spiritual path is, in fact, unknowingly searching for lost genetic information to restore declining human functions. The clarity of this revelation should impel any being with a little common sense to immediately act upon it.

Salvaging mankind is reversing entropy

Geneticists are acknowledging that there is no prospect for any type of scientific breakthrough to significantly extend our life span beyond what it is because of the nature of this degenerative process in our own body. And Dr John Sanford added the following. “That’s really fundamental and it's very personal because we are experiencing genetic entropy personally. No one can contest that. Personal genetic entropy is non-contestable fact that no scientist on the planet can deny because it is why we die and so what's happening is every gene and every chromosome in every cell in my body is mutating and so that guarantees my ageing and my death. It means that we are perishing people, living in a dying world and that is so profound it makes the need for salvation so personal and so immediate.” So when referring to the statement, our Creator salvaging mankind, it really means reversing entropy or achieving negative entropy by substantiating all the lost genetic information of our multidimensional bodies and restoring them to primordial status or the original default settings. No human can ever hope to achieve such a feat with the exception of our Primordial Programmer or Creator. It is only through re-establishing connection and communication with the Source can we ever hope to achieve the state of immortality that has been alluded in all ancient sacred texts.


If our disclosure appeals to your reasoning, then you must set aside your prejudiced and conditioned mind to immediately address genetic entropy. Otherwise, we will have a generation of children that will not outlive their parents. Irrespective of whichever pathways you choose, at least you are now aware that these fundamental problems must still be comprehensively addressed and not permitted to perpetuate generation after generation. The timeline for the manifestation of genetic damage for each individual will differ and depend on the dynamics of your living and working conditions, diet and lifestyle. In other words, genetics loads the gun and post natal conditions will pull the trigger. To avert a potential catastrophe of human and planetary extinction, we must act to safely defuse this ticking time-bomb - the inherent genetic damage. So, what are the criteria for reversing genetic entropy? Please follow us to Part Two of The Only Solution for Mankind & Planet Earth.