HEAVEN’S GIFT ACADEMY Launched the CLT Energetics Management System (EMS) under the Group Energetics Coaching GEC programme.

The CLT EMS education series is designed to help participants develop an understanding of how the human body works and how to best manage human physiology via the energetics pathway.

Facilitated by our in-house Energetics Coaches, the programme begins with an energetic scan using the Biowell wellness tracking system to identify the participants’ current systemic failure/ dysfunction.  

This is followed by 4 weeks of workshops where participants learn key basic knowledge and protocols to help them correct the imbalances in their systemic failures/dysfunctions based on the scanned results of Biowell.  

We have completed the first series of the workshop in Quarter 4 of 2019 amongst a group of Millennials.  On 4th December, the first of the series was held amongst teachers from an autistic centre.