Episode 2: Bottled up chakra issues lead to depression due to generation gap

How did this lady end up in depression in her twilight years? She belongs to the Silent Generation group typically evident in Asian cultures which displays the common characteristics of: hard work over long hours in gruelling work conditions,
willing to wait for delayed rewards, unquestioned loyalty, respectful of authority, conforming, preferring not to ruffle feathers/nor initiate conflict, fearful of freedom of expression, prefers safety, security and consistency, a team player,
“we” and basically, a traditionalist.

Her adult children are the Millenials who generally display common characteristics opposite of the Silent Generation’s: prone to job hopping as many have unrealistic expectations of working life, prefer flexible work hours, tech savvy and
hooked on technology e.g, hand phones, tablets, etc., materialistic, individualistic – chasing after fame, money and image, confident, expressive, liberal, receptive to new ideas and generally, selfish “I”.

Having this as a backdrop poses quite a few family challenges to her as she was expected to take care of her grandchildren, just like many other Asian grandparents. Initially, she was unhappy to babysit her first two grand children from her elder
son but did not verbalize it then. When her third grand child came along, she could not say ‘no’ to her youngest son. So, she soldiered on even though her physical body was giving in due to exhaustion from lack of proper rest. She chose
to ‘keep the peace’ and superficial family harmony by keeping silent till her body jolted her with frequent pain in her stomach area for she ‘could not stomach the issue anymore’.