This is the first of a series of articles regarding the experience of a lady heading towards depression and how using CLT protocols, she recovered.

A late sixties lady came to the Academy, seeking answers as to why she experienced frequent occurrence of a painful lump in her stomach area. It was discovered that she had cut off her connection at the Crown chakra (which is the connection to the Source/Primal Creator) as well as from the Earth chakra (connection to Mother Earth). When this happens, there is no energy coming into her circuit since the top and bottom chakras are severed (jammed/connection severed).

This resulted in the depletion of the ultra violet light ray (colour of the crown chakra) and the golden light ray (colour of the solar plexus as she had issue related to the solar plexus.

When both these rays are severely affected, the person’s will to live nose-dives. This was evident as she could not endure these painful episodes so much so that she expressed verbally, her wish to just ‘let go and die, so that the pain ends’.

To quickly address her sense of hopelessness and giving up, HG Profilers advised her to wear crystals that brought back temporary balance in her life: bringing back love and strengthening her ‘empty heart’, clearing the congestions from both chakras.

Other measures suggested to support her energetically were:

  • To get sufficient exposure to the Sun and ground herself (walking bare footed) in the morning.
  • To sleep before midnight, to follow the Earth’s rhythm, so that she could have sufficient uninterrupted rest.
  • To prevent further draining of her energy. In this respect, her eldest son stepped up and became her temporary guardian by halting her from babysitting all three of her grand children. This was vital as she normally had to babysit the youngest grandchild till past midnight.
  • To strengthen her physical body which was close to shutting down due to exhaustion, she was to start drinking organic homemade chicken essence and Ba Zhen, a Chinese herbal concoction.