Crystal Nuggets: Rose Quartz – Stone for the Soul

Mineral content: SiO2 + Na,Al,Fe,Ti + (Ca,Mg,Mn)

Being a love stone, rose quartz is the cornerstone of the heart chakra, teaching self-love and forgiveness.

It emits the gentle energy of love which brings about calmness to relationships within the family as well as facilitates the establishment of strong ties with business associates.

The calming effects are linked to the minerals magnesium and manganese.

The following are verbatim comments from practitioners who wore rose quartz during the R&D period:

“It eases the heart from stress; it seems to be repairing the heart area.”

“It enhances capacity for self-love and increases compassion for others.”

“I learned self-love from rose quartz.”

“I become more patient, kind and forgiving.”

“One is able to express unconditional love with rose quartz. This can only be achieved when one is emotionally balanced.”