Crystal Nuggets: Kunzite – Stone for Healing Emotional Voids/Wounds

Mineral content: LiAl[Si2O6] + Ca,Mg,Mn,Na

Kunzite heals emotional wounds at a deeper level than rose quartz such as hurt in past lives, suicidal tendency and brink of marriage breakup. It repairs by filling up the wound with love of high frequency.

For the physical body, it has effects in alleviating pain especially neuralgia/nerve pain. This is due to the lithium content which delivers nutrients to the affected area via the striations within kunzite.

The following are verbatim comments from practitioners who wore kunzite during the R&D period:

“It unties emotional knots, heals the emotional body.”

“Feels like it is repairing nerves especially myelin sheath.”

“It reduced pain on injured toe considerably and within a short span of time!”

“It helps chest discomfort and reduces anxiety.”