Crystal Nuggets: Amethyst - The Stone for Spiritual Connection

Mineral content: SiO2 + (Al,Fe,Ca,Mg,Li,Na)

Radiating purple ray, amethyst brings down one’s chaotic frequency to a tranquil and balanced state. The ultra-violet rays make it a stone for connection to Source by surrendering one’s attachments.

In terms of minerals, amethyst contains more manganese than rose quartz in view of its purple and pink combination; which is the colour of the oxidized manganese. This facilitates connection/communication with higher realms/the Source.

This stone enhances spiritual awareness by elevating one’s consciousness and aids in developing intuition.

The following are verbatim comments from practitioners who wore amethyst during the R&D period:

“More focused and conscious of one’s needs instead of acting on impulse.”

“Feels more focused at head area, mental clarity and more energized.”

“Well rested and feeling calm. Sometimes can be clairvoyant as I know beforehand what is going to happen at work.”