Crystal Healing: Subconjunctival hemorrhage

“The regular geometric structure of crystals allows it to absorb and transmit high and stable frequencies from nature to a person or environment. It is a principle that higher vibratory body will override a lower vibratory body with its frequencies through principle of bio entrainment.”


Some people have a strong affinity with crystals since young, and are naturally attuned to understand and appreciate the crystals’ attributes. I was never one of them.

In Heaven’s Gift Academy, I learned about the power of crystals from other practitioners’ experiences and personal accounts. I never experienced it for myself. My fifteen-year relationship with crystals started off with doubt and disbelief. However, it later progressed towards faith, confidence and gratitude.

There were sporadic moments when I experienced the crystals’ healing power, with the most recent one taking place during Chinese New Year a month ago.

Treating my eye’s burst blood vessels (subconjunctival hemorrhage).

This year’s Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) began with my husband and son falling sick, followed by our maid running away in the middle of the night. Thankfully, both their health improved the following day. But the maid running off after working for us for nine months took an emotional toll on the family, especially my in-laws.

Following my mother-in-law’s Taoist customs, several dishes had to be prepared to accompany her prayers on New Year’s Eve. Then on the fourth day of CNY, another round of prayers had to be performed with the same number of dishes prepared. It was as if we celebrated Chinese New Year festival twice within a week.

For several days, the kitchen felt hot and stuffy. It felt dense as if there were no air sacs through which a breeze might wander. Later I suspected it could be the energy imprints left over from the maid’s unhappiness and the numerous clashes involving her that took place in the kitchen.

By the fourth day of CNY, I was physically exhausted. The following morning, I noticed my right eye’s blood vessels had burst.

This was rare.

Whenever something happens to my health, I would recall the events preceding it to understand the kind of energies I was exposed to. I believe nothing happens at random, especially adverse incidents. Always, there are changes in our energies, within ourselves as well as our environment to attract such an occurrence.

According to medical doctors, depending on the location in the eye, bleeding in the eye can be harmless or it may lead to complications if left untreated. It usually takes about two weeks for the bleeding to clear, after which if it still persists, it may be an indication of something more serious.

I decided I wasn’t going to wait till then to find out.


The treatment process

Day 1

I woke up this morning with slight aches here and there. This wasn’t unusual since these past few days had been filled with a flurry of activities for CNY celebration. I didn’t realize the blood vessels in my right eye had ruptured until I looked into the mirror. There was no pain, no itch, or any form of discomfort in my eye, except for some small red patches of capillaries on the sclera (white) of my right eye.

It was only a tiny red speck, so I relied on physical protocols to resolve it.

  1. tend to forget to drink water when I’m busy with chores. I have learned from the people who approached the Academy with health issues, that even though we believe we are well hydrated, the opposite is often true. I missed the early warning signs my body was telling me when I experienced constipation the day before.

Were there any inflammatory foods I was taking? For the sake of quickly dousing the heat, I had to increase my intake of antioxidants, like salad, fruits, alfalfa, milk thistle, fish oil, and Vitamin C.

When I rushed about to complete chores, my body would tense up, causing breathing to be uneven and shallow. This meant my body was stressed. To counter the stress and tension, I took short breaks by stopping all bodily movements to consciously take deep breaths. Even a few seconds helped.

Day 2

“Crystal energetics provides the electricity; nutrition/supplementation provides the building materials.”

The red speck grew. More blood vessels flooded half of my eye. I peeked into the mirror and saw a woman who looked like she had been in a fist fight and had received a few punches to the right side of her head, injuring her eye. There was no pain, just a feeling like there was liquid pooling at the outer corner of my eye.

I recall feeling heat gathering around my eyes two days ago, and thinking to myself I should use some HG Elixir soaked with blue lace and emerald crystals to cool them. But I was distracted after that and the thought was buried underneath a list of things to do for that day.

Since I remembered it today, I went ahead and dipped a few pieces of cotton pad in HG elixir soaked with the following crystals to place over my eyes several times a day:

  • Black tourmaline to draw out toxins,
  • Clear quartz to re-energize,
  • Blue lace to cool down,
  • Moss agate to repair the blood vessels and capillaries.

I wore moss agate and fluorite bracelets throughout the day, and placed them at my head area at night in bed.

In addition, I placed a small laser crystal in my pocket to help me stay calm as the lingering energy imprints in the kitchen gave off an unsettling vibe. Crystal healing process is about overriding lower frequencies with higher frequencies. My little laser has helped me override the imprints left behind in the kitchen thus creating conducive conditions for me to work while I nursed my injured eye.

Day 3

I woke up, and could not open my right eye. It was very dry, as if my eyelid was glued shut.

I remember watching a video by Dr. Eric Berg on dry eyes more than a year ago where he talked about how he used to suffer dry eyes in college, and once had a tear on his cornea when he forced his eyelid open. Good thing I remembered that!

I dripped some HG elixir to the corner of my right eye, hoping it would gradually ease the dryness. It did, but I had a feeling this was not a good sign.

The bloody part of my eye has not spread, but neither has it improved. Half of the entire white part of my right eye was still bright red. My eye was tearing up more than the day before.

It dawned on me that since I was relying on crystal energies to repair my eye with the support of nutrients from diet and supplementation, I should also protect my eyes from harmful energies.

I had not reduced my phone time. In fact, I had increased it even more, since I relied on the phone for almost everything, like grocery shopping, banking and financial matters, news, and communicating with family and friends. I hadn’t realized how much I have become so dependent on the phone for just about everything under the sun.

Even though my phone has a filter for blue light, I suspect it’s still insufficient. It is the radiation that dries up our eyes, as well as heating up our brains, our pineal, thyroid and whichever parts of our body that are exposed.

For this day, I continued with the same process I did the day before, with the addition of reducing phone time. At night I wore Zoisite bracelet to sleep to help strengthen my heart to pump energy to my head for healing.

Day 4

“Crystals heal so quickly because it mops up free radicals easily because it is an electron bank and donor. Crystals not only supply physical energies; it also supplies spiritual, mental and emotional energies.”

The red patch went down by 25%. It seemed the bleeding had stopped and the conjunctiva (clear surface of the eye) was able to absorb the blood faster, clearing the eye.

As an electron donor, crystals work like antioxidants to shield the wound, protecting it from free radicals. That’s how my eye began to heal.

I continued applying the crystals protocol.

Days 5 to 7

Each day saw another 25% of the red patch in the eye clearing up. By day 8 almost all of the redness had disappeared, with only one to two capillaries visible.

Wearing and working with crystals helps me to connect to myself to understand what my body needs, and at the same time provides my body with conducive conditions and adequate nutrients for healing.


“Crystals emanate a stable and coherent energy field that safeguards practitioners by intercepting and transmuting all negative energies from the environment. Crystals can be used to transmit Source message because it has perfect geometric structure.”

Crystals were formed by earth’s elements and minerals over millions of years. I too was formed by the same elements found on earth.

This crystal application on my eye has made me better appreciate the workings of crystal healing. It also showed that healing is not just about diet and supplementation. Creating conducive healing conditions is equally important and this requires attunement to self which is possible with the help of crystals.

Every family / household has its own rhythm, its own pattern, its own geometry. Who can best understand it besides its own members and occupants? However, the difficult challenge is to be able to transcend the existing flawed structure to see clearly the parts that need fixing and obtain the wisdom to know how to correct them.

I have come to appreciate the intelligence and wisdom found in crystals. When I allow myself to be open and fluid, they have provided me with wise insights, “changing” my mind to perceive from love perspective, so that I would know how to respond to challenges. Ultimately it’s all about living with love, truth and selflessness. This is all that matters for anyone who desires to connect to Source and all creation, all lifeforms.

(Note: All words in italics were extracted from CLT Manual/Booklet.)