Crystal Healing Amazes Scientific Community

On 25th September 2008, Heaven’s Gift was given the rare privilege of presenting five clinical evidence-based case studies regarding crystal healing in front of a panel of seventeen government heads of department which include doctors and professors at the Ministry of Health in Kuala Lumpur. The conference was chaired by Dr. Ramli who is head of the Traditional Complementary Medicine division. This event was made possible by the vision and enormous efforts of Mr Yogi Tan of the Malaysian Society of Complementary Therapies to establish government recognition for crystal therapy. There has been ongoing dialogue with the government authorities on greater recognition of crystal therapy since 2004, so we were quite excited about this opportunity. Other participants invited include heads of Qi Gong, Reiki, Phytobiophysics, Bachflower, Colour Vibration Therapy, RAOHA and Aura Metafizik.

We were given very short notice of our participation. Heaven’s Gift Research and Development division had to review and select only five outstanding case studies from among over a thousand which we have recorded since 2004. With the kind assistance of our adviser, Dr. Selva Kumar, we were able to interpret medical records coherently and establish the appropriate inferences. On that day, we gave an hour long presentation explaining our proprietary scientific theoretical basis of the CLT Healing System (crystal healing therapy) with supportive medical reports and testimonies, followed by a summary of our system of profiling, diagnostics, treatment protocol, post-care program and final inference. The clinical case studies that we selected include the crystal healing of lumbar sacral spinal injury, atypical pneumonia, retinal tear and arterial fibrillation (stroke). We believe we made a powerful and convincing presentation to the team of experts. What was the feedback to our presentation? Dr Ramli remarked that it was “an excellent performance”.

This response is very encouraging. The Medical Fraternity has always viewed alternative therapies like crystal healing as a proverbial black sheep and not worthy of serious consideration. This significant event augurs well for the future of crystal healing and we hope that in the not too distant future, the same consideration will be given to the ‘crown jewel’ of Heaven’s Gift Academy, the Crystal Light Transmission (CLT) energetic practice and cultivation system. To achieve this objective, we have to work even harder than before. Most importantly, when we introduce the CLT system of practice, the system must be seen to effectively enhance the level of human functionality, the quality of human consciousness and life in this new and turbulent millennium.