CLT Protocols Reversed Dyslexia – An Update A Decade Later

There are many inspiring stories out there of people who live with a debilitating health condition but who never used it as an excuse to hold them back in life. Celebrities like Nick Vujicic and Michael J Fox showed that despite their physical limitations, they could still live their lives by working around their handicap. It gives many people hope to carry on with life and face their present challenges. The world now really needs these inspiring stories.

Here at the Academy, we also have our own uplifting stories. As a follow-up to the article “CLT Protocol for Reversing Dyslexia” which is a story about William (son of Alex and Jennifer) who beat Dyslexia and ADHD when he was 6 years old with the CLT Protocols, we shall now provide an update on William’s progress 11 years after that miraculous reversal took place.

William is now 17 years old. He has just graduated from high school with all of his friends. It was an exceptional year for his class. All his schoolmates performed wonderfully well in their Cambridge IGSCE examinations. The Principal of the School was so proud of the results that he posted all the students’ exam results on the School board for everyone to emulate. William was one of the students that exceeded everyone’s expectations, especially his parents-’.

Looking back, William has indeed progressed very far since his early days struggling with Dyslexia. It was gratifying to his parents and the practitioners at the Academy to be able to reverse the symptoms of dyslexia. It did not only help William to overcome reading and writing difficulties but to evolve beyond these simple functions. The journey was not entirely smooth as there were many rough patches. It was never about just fixing the dyslexia. The whole upbringing of a teenager nowadays is fraught with many challenges. Any parent will share the same view. Many teenagers today sadly are on the brink of succumbing to the pressures of society. Many have already fallen through the cracks in this world’s system with their parents not knowing how to help them climb out of their despair.

William and his parents were not spared of these challenges. There was one time when William had completely lost his self confidence when he had difficulty fitting in among his peers at High School. His inability to understand the culture of High School had totally crippled his self-esteem. He became depressed and confused. It was a very difficult period not just for William but also his parents. Alex and Jen recalled needing to give constant attention and reassurance to encourage William to move forward. Fortunately, the family was able to apply the CLT System to help them make the right decisions. Apart from the supplementation protocol and CLT Energetics, the key areas where William applied in terms of the CLT Teachings were to remain calm and not to react to others’ energy fields; to respect others’ choices by allowing them to say and do what they want; to love and respect his own physical body; and to use this difficult situation to connect to himself.

He gradually stabilized and improved after that. It was from this point, William matured quickly. He began to see beyond what was in front of him. That bad patch in school turned positive later. He began to contemplate his own character and the character of his peers. He began to discern things that other kids hardly ever pay any attention to. He paid very close attention to how vital ‘character’ is and how it can help or hurt one’s own life. Here are some of his observations which he shared with his parents which are rather ‘enlightening’ for such a young mind as his:

Pursuing Intelligence results in loss of empathy

He noticed that when one is focused on developing just the mind to be ahead of one’s peers, the person starts to lose empathy for others. Mental oriented students lack empathy and compassion, and are more judgmental towards others in general. Most parents are not aware that if they encourage only intellectual development, it will turn negative for their kids when they reach adulthood. These teens will grow up to become extremely self-centered and will have little warmth and affection for their own family and friends.

Extremism generates resistance & imbalance in life

Here is another of his observation, “when one puts too much intention and energy into one’s goal”, there is a counter effect. This realization came when he noticed his classmate who is very mental oriented and one of the smartest persons he knew, prioritized nothing else except his studies. This person was rushing to go to University just after the IGSCE results. Unfortunately, fate had other plans despite the brilliant results. The person had to defer his University for another 2 years due to family issues. The friend was devastated. In William’s words, “Such a brilliant person who can go far in education, and yet gets a complete opposite of one’s expections in the end”. He enlightened to the importance of ‘ balance’ in everything we do. Extremism will generate resistance in Life. This a law of creation.

The need to follow Earth’s Rhythm & respect one’s body

He learned it through the hard way. It was approximately 4 months before the final IGSCE exams, all the students were ramping up their preparation. Almost everyone studied for 15 hours a day. In addition, the teachers were also pushing the students very hard. Almost all of William’s friends suffered from insomnia including William, needless to say, and all the kids were on the brink of fatigue. As the examination drew closer, William was merely passing by several marks for most of his trial exams. He was making too many careless mistakes. It made him even more worried and he reacted by pushing himself even harder. It reached a point he felt numb and did not even want to care about anything. William felt lost as the Principal was on his back, pressuring him to work harder.

In the end, his parents told him to cut back on his studies; to do the opposite of what his friends were doing and what the school Principal was telling him to do; to relax his body and mind after 6pm in the evening; to observe and respect Earth’s Rhythm and to respect the body and mind’s time to rest; to love his body by feeding it with good nutrition and conserving his energy. William’s reaction to this advice was of shock, exclaiming “What!!!! The Principal won’t accept it!!!!”

The parents responded that as long as he knew the basics of the subjects, he would not go wrong. He did not have to follow the rest and aim for straight As. It is better to respect the body and relax. William followed the advice. Now he understands stress does not necessarily produce better results. In actual fact, it is the nourishment of the brain and the love for oneself and others which is far more important in order to do well in life. He did just as well as or even better than some of his classmates who stressed their bodies.

With CLT Protocols, there is no reliance for medication!

Here is the obvious difference that William and his sister Ky Lee noticed among their peers. Both of them have not been to a medical clinic since their kindergarten days. A doctor is a foreign sight to them. Both relied on the CLT system and the protocols prescribed to overcome their sick days. They recovered faster than their friends when they fell sick. Many times their friends and sometimes the teachers did not even believe that they were sick. They recognized and learned that if one connects to one’s body and gives what the body needs, the body will heal quickly. They have never felt the side effects of drugs in their lives. Their brain is wired differently from their friends’. Medication is never their first option. Plus they have never seen their friends taking medication recover better and faster than them.

William’s sharing here goes past a typical teenager’s life of social media, computers, video games, fashion, celebrities idolizing, excelling in studies and pursuing material ambition. His brain also illuminates to other important things that are invisible or values that have been forgotten in our culture. The CLT System went past the Dyslexia and made him a more balanced and refined person in society. It is indeed an unexpected journey for Alex and Jennifer to see William arrive at this stage, with his brain not only fixed but evolved to a level than not imagined when he had Dyslexia. It is gratifying because Alex and Jennifer knew that once the DNA is fixed, William could live independently and be able to navigate his own journey through life. As parents of a kid with brain dysfunction, there is no heavier responsibility discharged than when the kid is able to decide for himself what kind of future he wants to have.