CLT Practitioner's Perspective: Liberation of Mind and Heart

Understanding Law of Karma Dissolved Fears of Karma

It took me some years before I could appreciate the meaning and importance of cultivation ie refining mind and character. The realization came when the founder pointed out examples of how violations of the natural laws and the principle of free will impacted some of the members. This ‘light bulb’ moment has deep meaning to me at several levels as it was the missing piece which is integral to the understanding and hopefully commencement of CLT Cultivation for me.

At one level, I had a glimpse of how the laws of cause and effect/karma operate and it liberated my mind of the confusions in life and untied a knot in my heart as fears of karma were dissolved. On another level, the freeing of the mind lifted constrictions at the heart which I have had since I was holding on to so many of ‘what should be’.

Expending Energy Trying To Solve Life Problems Could Be Masking Symptoms

I am sharing this as I thought it might provide a window of relief to those of us who expend so much energies and effort and often find it exasperating, trying ways and means to ensure we and our loved ones live a life that is trouble-free. Many, if not all, would go about life operating on a thinking mode that life must go on smoothly, better still if we could prevent all the problems and obstacles in life before the issues manifest. And we felt constrictions in our hearts when things did not turn out the way we wished …

How did this problem-solving program get imprinted into our mind? Well, isn’t life about problem-solving, you may ask! Look at our education system – we were taught how to solve math questions and equations, science quizzes, geography tests, the list goes on. When we enter the working world, problem-solving skills are much prized, solutions to problems were much sought after be it a MIS hiccup, a clients’ public image controversy and the whole cycle repeats when children are born and we also meddle with their life lessons…

So, unconsciously we formed the view that issues and problems need to be removed/resolved, better still if prevented before these manifest full-blown… This problematic attitude of our own thinking, our ego can get really messy especially when the undertones are fear-based ...This mentality was so deeply entrenched into my mind that when I was at the helm of my career back then where stress levels were the highest, I would consume large doses of supplements to reduce the chances of falling sick, provided solutions to my family members’ impending problems using financial means … after all, prevention is better than cure … (Now with CLT, I learned that I was only masking the symptoms then, without addressing the root cause).

Helping Out Could be Taking Away Life Lessons…

On countless occasions, we went about helping our dear ones whenever we can, in many forms – offering tips or even buying supplements for a health issue (after having read about it from an article or a book or having tried it ourself), providing advice on relationship issues, making decisions or influencing or acting on their behalf on matters which they should have taken a decision on their own. When I learned about traditional Feng Shui, not only did I get my own house evaluated and so-called remedied but also my mum’s house, my sister’s, my brother's, and even my brother-in-law's. Like-wise years later, I did the same with HG CLT Grid! My motivation and intention were, better to avoid problems so life could be a smoother journey.

Little did I realise that with these so-called little ‘deeds’ I thought I have done, I was interfering with their karma and removing their lessons in life, and worst of all, I was taking on the load myself.

Life Problems Are Caused By Violations of Natural Laws

Issues and challenges we face are our life lessons. They appear and manifest as a result of mistakes we make due to violations of natural laws. Discomforts, disharmony, financial problems are all due to violations of natural laws and are pit stops of life – opportunities in life to make us reflect where we have stumbled so we could cut it at the root. An example of a violation of law is, instead of trying to understand and follow the physical laws of the body’s natural bio-rhythm by going to bed early, I resorted to the search and intake of supplements/herb to help me stay rejuvenated during the day. Or a nephew having problem, voicing out his issues to his parents, where I interfered based on what I thought was compassion instead of allowing him to learn to speak to his parents and realise that he has an oppressed throat chakra.

As I write this, I understand a little better of what the founder shared about that in life, we would have violated so many natural laws without us realising it, with our attitude of not allowing others their free will … not allowing them their much-needed lessons of life.
So I was going about taking away their lessons. Worse still, all the advice and help extended to family and friends were addressing problems at the surface level only, and with that, delayed the true lessons to be learned … so in a nutshell, it served neither side any good – precious energy/essence expended on my part instead of conserving it for own evolution, and prolonging the time for them to learn their lessons which will hit them one day as the root cause was not addressed by them … a no-win situation for all.

At the energetic level, when we interfere with others, we would have merged with their fields and their karma transferred to us. The other party without learning the lesson, would go on generating more and more karma till life’s essence/precious energy is depleted to the last drop.

Imposing Our Views & Influence Violates Law of Free Will

When I heard and understood the message from the founder that whenever we impose our opinion, exert our influence or in a gentle way trying to coerce the other party even when we are sharing the truth, we would have violated the law of free will. We are to offer guidance, advice with pure love and abide by the law of free will at the same time. The realisation was as if I had hit a home run. I could relate well to this as I found that when others did not take heed of advice (good, sound advice), my heart area would constrict because I was trying to influence their decisions/actions. For some time, I knew I was holding these notions of what should be and what ought to be tightly in my heart…these attachments because my mind tells me that is the right thing to do from old programming and conditioning from life … I was looking high and low into the CLT System but I could not let go … because my ego, my mind built on my self-assembled geometry (from my own understanding) kept tugging at me that says “If you stop that, you are no longer compassionate, then you are not expressing love …).

Pure Love Allows

With this realization that any attempt even the thought of trying to influence, control, persuade, coerce others so that the outcome is what we intend to are all different forms of violations of the principle of free will. Love isn’t love when we do not allow. I related to the fact that if I try to help someone by giving supplements, it would only provide relief to the physical body, I would have interfered as the soul misses a chance to learn and evolve …

The liberation of the mind then opens up the constrictions in my heart … May you hit many home runs in your journey of CLT cultivation!!