CLT Practitioners' Perspective On Energy Frequency : An Innocent Victim or Not

It has been a long stressful week at work. It was the week when we had announced changes to organisation structure. As a HR team member, I had spent the week pacifying confused, irate and frustrated employees who were impacted by the change. As an employee, I found myself angry and frustrated with the recent changes as it brought forth additional responsibilities.

I was deeply conflicted. From a professional standpoint, I know that this change is good for organisation. From a personal standpoint, I found this change frustrating as it created additional responsibilities and pressure. Desperate to clear my head from all these conflicting thoughts, I looked out my window to find the evening quiet and balmy. I decided to take a stroll down the streets of my neighbourhood. I laced my walking shoes and took a brisk walk till I encountered a dog standing in front of me. At first, it stood still. A minute later, it growled and advanced towards me. I stayed calm and remained motionless to avoid provocation. The dog continued to move forward and before I knew it, it dug its teeth into my right ankle.

In just 3 minutes, I turned from an innocent pedestrian to a victim of an irate dog. As the owner dashed out to leash his dog, he apologised profusely for what had happened. In shock, I stood still as I watched the blood gushing from the bite marks. The next 30 minutes felt like a scene from medical dramas. I was rushed to the emergency room in a nearby hospital. The doctor cleaned my wound, administered 5 stitches and gave me a tetanus shot before sending me home. Not knowing how to interpret the event then, I labelled it as an unlucky encounter before putting it behind me.

Several years had passed and I have since learnt of the existence of an invisible yet elusive language called frequency thanks to discourses that I had attended on the Crystal Light Transmission (CLT) system. This language, while universal, remains unknown to most humans. So, what exactly is frequency? It is our personal energy signature which is a sum total of our emotions and experiences. When we approach life with high frequency emotions such as love, grace and gratitude, we emit a corresponding high frequency in our personal energy field. When we approach life with low frequency emotions such as fear, envy and jealousy, we emanate a parallel low frequency in our energy field.

As like attracts like, we attract positive experiences when we emit high frequency. We attract negative experiences when we emit low frequency. Here is the irony. While humans remain oblivious to this universal language, it is known and understood by the animal kingdom and other living beings. Hence, animals like dogs and birds and insects like beetles and dragon flies are able to interpret this language and respond to it.

Let us now examine my unlucky experience using this subtle language called frequency. During the stressful week, I was furious for having to take on more responsibilities and frustrated that my personal need for work life balance were not met. Although I had not expressed these emotions verbally, they were embedded in my personal energy field. As these emotions were low frequency emotions, it was only a matter of time before I attracted a negative experience.

The night before, my neighbour’s dog run into a thief who attempted to break into its home. During the encounter, the frequency of aggression was etched into its memory. The following day, soon after its escape from its compound, the dog and I met. Although I did not resemble the thief, it recognised the hostile frequencies that I carried in my energy field. Confronted by same frequency, it deduced that I was a threat to the family and promptly bit my ankle in an attempt to protect its owner and his property from harm.

The dog merely responded to the frequency that I had in my field. My initial thought of being an innocent victim was crushed. As I chose not to confront and transform my hostile emotions with love, compassion and understanding, I had unconsciously became the director of my ill-fated episode. My unresolved hostility became my very own recipe for disaster.

Since then, I had taken steps to understand my own emotions, its triggers and how to transmute them, aided by the CLT system, to avoid planting the seeds for future disasters. While my journey has been rocky, there are days that I find myself on the right track when I find myself peacefully sharing the same space with dragon flies and birds even if it was for just a short moment. I have a soft spot for them. In fact, this dragon fly picture that you now see was taken on one of those days where it was responsive to my plea to stay still as I took its picture. These moments are rare. Nonetheless, it has inspired me to continue refining my personal frequencies with the help of the CLT system. I now look forward to the day when all dragon flies and birds can come into my space and enjoy my peaceful company.