A CLT Practitioner’s Sharing on Love

“To love is to love without ego, without being judgmental. Love is not about controlling, you express love, you just merely express the characteristics of Light. It doesn’t come with control or condition, or to even influence. This is the true essence of love. With love, one is happy When one is not happy, it’s the complete opposite of love. Pure love is the special kind of love that we are referring to that heals and transforms life, is generated by Light which is infinite, a kind of love which also embodies the 3 fundamental principles of Love, Truth & Selflessness (“3Ps”).”

A few years ago, there was a feud in my parents’ family involving my mother and my sibling. They were directors of the family business which was solely run by my sibling.

The business went downhill, as did my father’s health and the family’s fortune. My parents had built the business from scratch, so naturally, my mother was heartbroken and could not accept what was happening then.

There were a lot of arguments, accusations and bitterness. It came to a point where my mother and sibling no longer talked to each other even though they were living in the same house.

Creditors hounded them but my sibling chose to ignore them and be in denial. The situation in my parents’ house was so bad that one day things got physical.

Had I not received the Source Teachings, I would have reacted the way any normal person would. I love my mother dearly and to see her go through the nightmare was very painful. She had to sell the family’s assets to pay off the creditors. One after another.

Even as I write this, I am close to tears, recalling those moments. Bearing in mind the 3Ps, I decided then that I would not judge my sibling. I told my mother that if this is what we have to go through, we would go through it with gratefulness, for it could be worse.

I went about helping and guiding my mother through the “mess” which we finally cleared up. Each time my mother complained, I would tell her that there are many karmic layers in relationships, that we did not know what happened in our past lives for things to come to this, so we try not to judge, just do the rightful and needful.

At the same time, I would explain to her the little that I knew about the Teachings. I kept on and on at it. Every opportunity I had, I would explain to her about the Teachings.

I led the way by always being mindful of the 3Ps. She saw how I continued to love without judging my sibling, how I was truthful in all the matters that I was handling on her behalf and at the same time, expressing love and kindness to myself by resting and conserving my energy whenever I need to.

The latter is called “self-love”. Self-love is not just about focusing on one self. Self-love is to fill oneself with love. Love, the unlimited love from the Source. And it’s only with self-love; one can love another person or its surrounding environment.

In the midst of the turmoil, she had her house gridded with Heaven’s Gift crystals. Initially, she could not bring herself to forgive my sibling for what happened.

Finally, with the energy support of the grid and upon the advice of a Heaven’s Gift geomancer, she finally let go of the years of resentment and bitterness and forgave my sibling. She finally understood the meaning of the 3Ps.

I am pleased to let you know that now both of them are working together, helping each other. Looking back, I realized that this episode gave me the opportunity to express and apply the 3Ps. Love truly heals. There is nothing that love cannot resolve. There is no other energy as powerful as LOVE.

[NB: The words in italics are materials from the CLT Book]