CLT Practitioner’s Perspective: My CLT Journey

My CLT journey with the Academy has changed my perspective on life itself. It has given me the true meaning of life’s purpose. I guess I found the answers to what I have been searching for. I didn’t understand what Taoism was about since young but I just followed since I was told I’ve been baptised to Goddess of Mercy.

When I attended the workshops in 2016, I just absorbed as much as I could as they seemed to make sense. To me, CLT is a simple way of life expressing the 3Ps. As I worked on my mum’s bedsores, diabetic, diarrhoea, constipation, I understood the energetics & diet better. I just believed in the system and followed the protocols. One after another my mum’s ailments improved. Even the mobile nurses were amazed at how my mum could improve in such a short span of time validating the protocols. My mum has not visited the doctors for any of her ailments other than the few times when her blood sugar dipped below 3. It was just 1-2 days on drips in the hospital and then she went home. Those dips as I understand now were mainly due to energies my family & I brought home which affected mum as she was the weakest.

I started by gridding my home and my office to help me stay afloat energetically. When I study the teachings and learn to apply them, it gives me great wisdom and insights. I started helping my colleagues/friends who had problems and sharing with them what I learned in the classes and about the power of HG crystals.

I have learned how to control my anxieties; relax, stay calm and detach from my daily routines. Practicing the CLT 5E gives me a clear head to start my day. Understanding how energies affect me, I continue to observe, especially when I feel lousy or lethargic. I am glad I decided to be a service worker and hope to help my family members, friends & mankind along the way. My main aim for now is to conserve energy and reflect more.

So to new members/practitioners, I would say, believe in the Source and the CLT System. It works when we fully trust and let go of our doubts and worries. Surrendering is the solution. It has been a great journey for me and I will continue to serve to my best ability and to cultivate Light energy.

The following are highlights from my journey with Heaven’s Gift Academy:

Mar 2016 – My mum did her profiling (has Alzheimer since 2012).

Jun 2016 – I attended workshops.

Apr 2017 – My mum had bad bedsores & found out she was diabetic. She sleeps on airbed till now.

3rd week Apr 2017 – returned from abroad and mum started hyperbaric treatments (thanks to the HG Academy’s recommendation).

Within 3-4 months, her bedsores healed almost 80% - except for the back (which took longer – the part where the diapers rubbed against it and also slowed down healing when she lay on her back).

Sept 2017 – I started profiling session with HG Academy.

Mar 2018 – My mum started on Rani’s organic chicken (essence) weekly. Now forth nightly/monthly.

Apr 2018 – mum stopped Xanax and Alprazolam medication.

Jul 2018 – I started reading SMS booklets.

Aug 2018 – My mum stopped going to ADFM (Alzheimer association).

Nov 2018 – I joined Video Team.

Mar 2019 – I joined Service Group.

May 2019 – My mum stopped all medication, Seroquel 25mg and Ebixa 10mg. Drug free now.

May 2020 – I joined Glossary Team.

I would like to thank our Master and the Academy for all the help extended to me and my family; for all the things I have learned; and for helping me understand my life’s purpose.