CLT Practitioner’s perspective - Managing challenges and building a strong foundation for CLT Cultivation Practice

The CLT Cultivation Practice System has provided me with an invaluable method to overcome adversity, suffering and attachments and helped me understand the purpose of having a human existence. I would like to share my experiences and observations, in particular some of the pitfalls and challenges I encountered when practising CLT.

Conserving Energy

For me, the main challenge is conserving enough energy to cultivate. I constantly struggle to conserve energy and not use it mindlessly for getting through daily life and work.

If I am tired, stressed and just having too much going on in life, I find that it is difficult to begin cultivating, adopting the 3Ps in daily activities, being alert about the 4 bodies, aligning to the Source etc. I once asked the Founder a question about CLT practice (I can’t remember what exactly). He took one look at me and said, “I think you’d better get some rest first”.

Without being sufficiently rested in body and mind, it’s not possible for me to cultivate effectively. When exhausted, I find that I cannot meditate (Still Form) for any length of time and even the thought of CLT practice seems like a chore. But when I am better rested, less anxious and more relaxed, I am much more receptive to CLT practice and am able to respond to situations with some semblance of the 3Ps.

So why don’t I just get more rest so that I can take my CLT practice to the next level? Well, getting enough rest is one thing but Light energy also leaks out like water from a sieve when I get distracted by material/worldly attachments. I love food, drinks (including a tipple or three when with friends!), cars, audio, YouTube, exercise etc. All of which saps energy when not consumed or carried out in moderation. I observed that the less energy I have, the more I am tempted by such distractions.

Likewise, if I succeed in conserving some energy and am mindful of the 3Ps, I find that worldly pursuits and distractions are less likely to attract and bother me and I am more open towards empathizing with others and thinking of their well-being.

Be mindful of energy dips

I have been reminded time and again to be alert when I am feeling very tired or experiencing a dip in energy, as things have a tendency to spiral downwards exactly during such times.

When feeling low, I notice that I am easily triggered to react by many, often superficial, things (actions or words by spouse, friends or parents, car horns, poor service, rude individuals etc). Once upset or angry, it is not possible to align to the Source or to think CLT thoughts. In this state it is easy to say or do things that create further conflict, misunderstanding and confusion. Further, I observed that when I am low in energy, I tend to attract/encounter people, situations or incidents that drain me even more.

Anger depletes enormous amount of energy in an instant!

Being angry is the fastest way I know to drain one’s energy. When I am really angry, not just annoyed or irritated, I feel a rush of negativity and pressure in my head that takes over rational thought and threatens to overflow into punitive action. Two incidents come to mind: an inconsiderate chap blaring his horn incessantly from behind while my beloved grandma who had arthritis was struggling to get down from the car and another inconsiderate chap berating my wife and mother-in-law for not giving up their seats for his girlfriend at a store. Just thinking about these incidents can trigger me all over again although they happened many years ago. These are what I believe to be negative energetic imprints that have stuck in my field for years.

Ego drains energy and results in disconnection from the Source

The other character trait that I find disruptive to CLT practice is the influence of the ego. Giving in to the ego seems less dramatic than anger but is equally draining energy and causing disconnection from the Source. Given free rein, my ego makes me judgemental and tricks me into perceiving that I am better than others, which is laughable. I am only able to “see” within a very limited range of frequencies, so how can I judge anyone? But I tend to do it anyway and it makes me feel unworthy and trapped by my thoughts. It also desensitizes me to the plight of the less fortunate. In this way, ego stifles my ability to apply the 3Ps and blocks connection to the Source.

Less than conducive living and work space

The environment where one lives does play a role when practising CLT. I’ve lived in Hong Kong for the past two decades and the abundant pollution (no chemical trails needed!), density of people, tiny living spaces, Wi-Fi everywhere and proximity to Mainland China simply add to the stress (my own and collectively).

Over the years, I have experienced dips and troughs in my energy levels at the workplace that have left me gasping (I literally found it difficult to breathe in office at times) but it has also presented me with ample learning opportunities to apply and understand the Teachings and 3Ps. I have observed that fear often dominates the workplace and the environment. Fear on a personal level (losing job, unable to support family, maintain lifestyle etc.), fear of the economy losing out to competitors, fear of losing independence to Mainland China and the list goes on. Fear paralyses and cuts off Light and connection to the Source.

Reducing exposure to conserve and build up energy

When I am low energy-wise, I find it helps tremendously to cut down as many social interactions and external engagements as possible to reduce exposure to different energy fields. Staying at home and resting together with practising CLT still and movement form is the best way to recharge by building up energy and dissolving harmful energetic imprints.

In summary, below are some steps that I have found helpful and even essential when practising CLT:

  1. In physical terms:
  • Get enough rest - deep uninterrupted sleep and follow the Earth rhythm (sleeping early and waking up early in sync with the sun).
  • Have a clean and moderate diet with more nutritionally dense (less processed) foods.
  • Avoid stressful situations whenever possible.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Use supplements intelligently when necessary.
  • For drinkers - drink alcohol in moderation or not at all.
  • Turn off the home WIFI and mobile phone data at night and when not in use.
  1. In terms of refinement of mind & character:
  • Try to steer away from anger
  • Detach from worldly attachments
  • Don’t be influenced by the ego, listen to your body
  • And most importantly, have an unshaken belief, trust and love for the HG School, CLT Teachings, the Founder and the Source.