CLT Perspective: Why some have an aversion to believing in the existence of a Creator?

How to deal with practitioners and people with an aversion towards the belief in the existence of a Creator?

When someone has strong preconceived notion of things, it narrows one’s scope of perception of reality. It serves only to hinder rational thought processes. After all, it is only based on something that they were told or conditioned to believe. Isn’t this preconceived notion a form of human attachment to a certain belief? Such thoughts or attachments that one has, make it hard to improve and elevate consciousness. Humans form judgement based on their own thinking. And the foundation of their thinking is based on a set of self-chosen beliefs. No one can unravel the truth of creation with mere mortal thinking and foundation. Isn’t this the main cause for all religious and human conflicts that divided mankind throughout the ages? Human disagrees with one another not just about whether the Creator exists or not but about almost everything under the sun. As long as these attachments are not surrendered, they will forever remain locked within the path of devolution.

In the CLT community, we approach the handling of this issue differently. We do not impose our belief on practitioners. Anyway CLT is more than just a belief; it is a way of life. Isn’t it obvious that whatever tasks we perform, we require energy? The higher the capacity of energy one possesses, the more tasks one can perform. Likewise, the higher the level of energy one develops, one’s capacity to discern truth can be enhanced manifold. So, we do not waste time on arguing or trying to prove to others that their beliefs are false. We focus on teaching practitioners how to build and conserve energy with crystal energetics to the level where they can perceive truth by themselves. However, when there is power, there must be responsibility. So before practitioners learn how to access power and energy from a primordial source, they must first be taught responsibility. When we handle energy without responsibility, we will end up harming ourselves and other people. This is the state of affairs of the human world. In order to develop responsibility, one must first receive the transmission of the fundamental principles of laws of creation and the teachings. Then we must embrace these teachings that teach us how to express these principles in all aspects of our life; to all of creation without prejudice. The three fundamental principles of truth, love and selflessness which the CLT community of practitioners embrace do not just belong to the CLT system but it is the inherent fundamental principles of Creation as well.

Since ancient times, many masters have descended from lofty realms to the human world at different time intervals and in different cultures to teach laws and cultivation practice that were compatible to those times. Although the laws revealed appear to be different, the fundamental principles of all laws remained the same. By engaging oneself in such cultivation practices, one develops the means to break away from attachments and preconceived notions which lock the mind. Cultivation practice is indeed the path towards enlightenment. To attain enlightenment, one has to cultivate and transform the mind and character. Truth that eludes mankind can be earned through enlightening when the laws and principles are applied in all aspects of our lives and not by studying and understanding them as concepts alone. The latter is the pathway that humans follow nowadays. From such a constricted view of reality, truth will forever remain elusive to them.