CLT Perspective - Root Cause of All Life Problems is due to lack of Universal Love/Pure Love

On 27th Aug 2017, HG Academy held a forum on the root cause of all of life problems and revealed the CLT System as a radical approach in resolving issues and challenges faced by mankind and Planet Earth.  The summary of the forum is as follows:

  1. Stress of life - be it health, financial or relationship problems causes depletion of precious human essence.   The conventional ways of solving such problems are at symptomatic level and would cause further loss of essence. This conclusion is based on HG Academy’s R&D work on human energetics which spans over 2 decades. 
  2. Human essence is the life force innate in each of us that determines our 'shelf life'.  Once it is used up, life ends.  Sudden death occurs when one is confronted with a situation which called for a massive amount of essence/energy.
  3. HG Academy revealed that all of life problems emerge because mankind is not aware of the UNIVERSAL LAWS and hence go about lives violating these laws continuously.  When one goes against these laws, one creates resistance in one’s life which manifests in the form of health, financial and/or relationship issues.  Issues then repeat and magnify because one keeps losing one's essence and goes on violating without these laws.
  4. Universal laws were created since the beginning of time.  These laws are necessary in order that all beings in the universe could co-exist in peace and harmony.  There is a universal law in every single relationship in our lives.  Hence, it is of utmost importance to know, understand and follow these laws so we get out of harm’s way. 
  5. The three principles of Love, Truth and Selflessness are the foundation of all the universal laws.  When we are able to express all 3Ps simultaneously, we are expressing the special kind of love – UNIVERSAL LOVE/PURE LOVE that harmonizes all relationships in the universe because we are conforming to all universal laws that safeguard not just our interests but the interests of every being in creation.   The pure love flowing, reciprocating and merging between two parties create vesica piscis which generates Light Energy.
  6. The root cause of all problems is that the core of the human hearts at this tumultuous stage of Earth’s history is void of PURE LOVE/UNIVERSAL LOVE and as such all decisions and actions taken have been built on the wrong fundamentals instead of LOVE, TRUTH & SELFLESSNESS, which is the true fundamental nature of humans.  Universal love, the special kind of love that heals and transforms life is generated by Light which is infinite; a kind of love which also embodies the three fundamental principles of Love, Truth & Selflessness
  7. The void of pure love in our hearts led to entanglements in all of our relationships in our lives – be it between us and our body (cells/organs), between us and our family/friends/co-workers, between us and the local community (neighbours, social clubs), between us and beings in the environment, between us and Planet Earth.  This has resulted in division and differences instead of love and common understanding in our relationships.  Families argue, companies compete, countries struggle for power.
  8. Universal Love is our means to dissolve all the barriers humans built between themselves and the rest of creation. It is not the ordinary kind of love that everybody is pandering. There is little power and energy in it.  Whereas this special kind of love that we are referring to can only be built with the power of Light energy from the primordial Source of creation. We can learn to transmit such kind of love to heal and transform our lives and the world we live in only through learning the CLT System of receiving Light Energy from Source. 
  9.  An introduction on how the CLT System would help one build NEW FUNDAMENTALS based on adherence to universal laws via:

The CLT Energetics Component enables one to replenish the huge energy shortfall

The CLT Cultivation Component teaches one on the universal laws and how to express 3Ps and pure love in one’s heart so that one stops generating more issues.  With that, one is able to build Light Energy to replenish one’s essence.

 10.  The following were also shared with the audience:

  • How to gauge the level of stress and essence so that they can quickly act and protect themselves from threats of sudden death/major challenges.
  • Healing cases that provides evidence that restoration of human essence (in dire situations) is possible with Light Energy from the CLT System
  • To review if their existing system has the complete components of energetics management and the teachings on the Universal Laws which is vital to protect their essence from depleting and for rebuilding essence
  • Evidence from scientists that Earth is undergoing intense changes (Schumann Resonance) which would accelerate stress on humans, hence the urgency to review if one has a system to protect and build essence.