CLT Perspective - The Purpose of Human Existence

Consciousness is the fundamental creative force of the universe that originates from a formless spiritual identity we call the Source. Source is the eternal spring where all creation emerges from. Spirit beings residing in the non-physical domain are the first creation of Source. These beings are brought to life when being imbued with consciousness by the Source through the synthesis of Light. It is a state of being where one has volition and self-awareness. In order to expand their consciousness, these spirit beings can choose to manifest in physical form to learn and develop through a very long process of manifestation on Earth which science refers to as evolution. (A spirit being’s manifestation on the physical realm is facilitated by the soul that accompanies it. The soul’s purpose, apart from being a chaperone and a scribe, is to find a suitable human body for the spirit’s successive incarnations in the physical realm.)


We know that evolution is a fact. But it doesn’t mean that there is no spiritual involvement. However, we are being constantly bombarded with ideas from science that lead us to believe that evolution is directed by random natural processes rather than by intelligent design. On the contrary, evolution is the process that a spirit being undertakes when it decides to exercise the divine gift of volition to manifest as physical entity in which consciousness can emerge and express itself.  


We are indeed spirit beings and we are here to learn lessons that can only be taught in the physical realm. This world which is a theater of experience that supports us in our learning to distinguish the divine from evil, light from dark, right from wrong and to make choices that will impact ourselves and other sentient beings in the most profound ways. We have been given this extraordinary opportunity to be born a human being so that we can learn experience, grow, cultivate and achieve the stature of an enlightened being that our divine heritage promises us. So don’t waste it. Don’t get caught up with present day social norms that have been created to switch our consciousness off by constantly conditioning our minds with meaningless messages that model us into mere production and consumption beings. This brain dead routine has taken over our lives to such an extent that we have forgotten why we are here.


Why are we behaving like mortals who are devoid of spirit, soul and consciousness? Why are we being told that our existence is mere accidents of physics and chemistry. And that our only purpose in life is to produce and consume as much as possible. We are further conditioned to believe that when we die we are dead and that is the end. This is far from being the truth. In fact, we have undertaken a very long journey manifesting in the physical realm in human form through many incarnations for the purpose of knowing who we really are so that we may return to the Source of our origin.


The concept of reincarnation makes perfect sense. It gives us more than adequate amount of time to learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves through numerous incarnations. However, we must not forget that there are CONSEQUENCES to our choices. If we live a wicked and evil life; if we don’t learn the lessons that we have been given to learn; if we encroach into the sovereignty of others; if we add to the miseries in the world; if we take care of our own interests with total disregard for others, we will accrue substantial karmic debt in our life’s balance sheet.  This will have grave consequences for us in our after-life and the following incarnations. Don’t ever believe there is none.


We really need to be careful with what we do with our life. When we do not mend our ways despite having had incalculable number of incarnations, the prospect of facing self-annihilation becomes inevitable. As such, the first thing to realize is that the opportunity given to us is indeed for our spiritual growth and soul-perfection. It is akin to polishing a rough diamond to become a jewel of utmost perfection. Use our life well to grow as a spirit and help others grow in the spirit as well. Obviously there has to be Love, Truth and Selflessness behind all endeavors in our lives. Isn’t this the reason why we are all here for?