CLT Perspective on Cause of Depression – Massive Loss of Golden Light Ray

The recent suicides of Anthony Bourdain, Kathy Spade and Monica McDermott grabbed headlines around the world. In everyone's mind, these celebrities had everything. Why would they want to take their own life? The answer given was depression. Precisely, what is depression? Without understanding it, one can never solve nor find a cure  for it.

In the past few weeks the Academy has a chance to examine the root cause of depression through handling a case. Through the profiling sessions, it is observed that depression is a multifaceted problem.

From an energetic angle, it can manifest in a person when they lose a certain spectrum of Light. One of them is the Golden Light ray. When the quotient of the Golden light diminishes massively, the 'will' to live diminishes as well. It is pivotal that restoration of this Light ray takes place in order to help 'lift ' the person out of depression. The loss of the golden light ray happens when there is no self-love/self-worth in a person.

There are a number of ways of doing it.  The fastest is by using crystals. Equally important is the re-education on the depressed person on how to protect and not lose these Light quotient. This is necessary because it will prevent the relapse of depression. Although this is a radical approach, the subject matter of this case is responding well instead of living in hopelessness.  The subject matter is not dependent on any medication during the course of her recovery.