CLT Geo Energetics Insights - Foundation of a Building

Purpose of a building

The purpose of a building is basically to provide shelter (protection) for its occupants. To enable it to fulfil its purpose, it must be stable and be built on a strong solid foundation (support).

What does a strong foundation mean?

The foundation of a building is the land that a building is built on. It is the quality of the land on which a building is erected. It is determined by the minerals content of the land and the minerals being in the right ratio i.e. the minerals must be in the right quantities to one another to attain a certain condition, just like to form strong human bones would require calcium, phosphorus and other minerals in certain ratio. Similarly, different plants require different ratio of minerals, commonly known as NPK ratio (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) to flourish. Likewise, the requisite for a strong foundation is ideally the presence of a full spectrum of minerals in the right ratio.

Minerals = Capabilities

Minerals are the building blocks of matter because everything on this planet is made up of minerals, whether it is organic or inorganic e.g. the land, the human body, plants, animals, the air, water, a piece of brick, plastic etc. In the context of CLT Geo Energetics, specific or a combination of minerals has different capabilities. Capability here refers to the ability to perform specific functions due to the chemical composition of a mineral(s) i.e. its basic natural attributes.

As humans and the land share similar origins, in terms of minerals, the land requiring a full spectrum of minerals to provide a strong foundation for a building is akin to a human being requiring a full spectrum of nutrients (which are also minerals) to support the bodily functions optimally. E.g. to build and strengthen the structure and foundation of the physical body and also the land, calcium is required because it has the mineral composition to perform that task. In other words, calcium has the capability of being a builder.

Let’s examine another mineral, iron and its function. When the land has iron, it attracts air to flow through, thereby increasing oxygen content for an environment, thus enhancing air quality which is conducive for breathing. It is the same with the human body, adequate iron will attract oxygen in the blood to flow. Both improved conditions indicate that the more appropriate minerals available, the more energizing it would be for a building or humans. With strong energy circulation, life flows, work flows. Unfavourable situation could be converted to become favourable e.g. a bickering household could be transformed to become more harmonious when the presence of manganese is sufficient. From our study and research on healing the environment, we find that manganese has the capability to promote harmony. Work does not require a lot of effort to see results because when our inherent potential (capability) meets optimal conditions (energy support from the strong capabilities of the land), it becomes easier to ground projects and bring plans to fruition.

Therefore, the wider the spectrum of minerals the land has, the more capabilities are available to support occupants and the activities conducted at a building.


We now present the case of a building with a weak foundation caused by man-made disturbances and the impacts.

We were requested to conduct an energy assessment of a condo unit within a commercial cum residential building. There were several high-rise buildings and an underground transport system built previously in the vicinity. The massive excavation of earth and extensive piling work involved in the foundation work of these constructions have caused an imbalance in the land’s minerals content and the ratio of the minerals. They have also inevitably disturbed the land, earth meridians (energy lines) and earth grid points. It could be likened to a physical trauma suffered by the human body, where the impact could cause injury to more than just the localised spot because the disturbed energy will travel and affect another area via the body’s integrated network of energy pathways, commonly referred to as meridians. E.g. some meridian lines may become congested or meridian points become blocked, thus causing an overall energy imbalance. As a rule of Nature, the human body and the Earth is constantly balancing itself. In this instance, when the state of balance is disturbed, those construction sites would have drawn minerals from their surrounding to balance themselves and in the process weakened the affected areas.

In the case of the building being assessed, the above construction works performed prior to its construction have disturbed the land (minerals content plus ratio) and partially blocked an important earth grid point, hence compromising its discharging capability. It takes several years for the energy in the disturbed land to be stabilized again before new construction can take place. This could be likened to a patient having to rest and recuperate to strengthen himself before a second operation could be performed on him. This building was developed at a time when the energy in the land was still weak. Although there is no train running directly underneath this condo, the constant train movement is close by enough to hinder the energy of the land from stabilizing. Owing to the man-made disturbances highlighted above and inadequate time allowed for the land to be stabilised and replenished with minerals for new development, the foundation of this building has started off on a weak footing.

As a result, it would cause sluggishness or stagnation due to blockages and the weak distribution of energy flow. As this commercial cum residential building was built on a piece of land where the earth energy has been weakened, whatever business activities that were carried out there, would involve a lot of efforts, because it did not have sufficient energy to support the business endeavours to flourish. We noticed that although this building is situated in a prime commercial neighbourhood, the shopping mall within the building is not vibrant and the occupancy is very low. Apparently many tenants have moved out.

Likewise, for the living quarters in this building, the weak foundation with accompanying impaired capabilities exposes occupants of the building to stagnant, slow-moving energy which could weaken the circulation of personal energy. And we need energy to perform any task, be it the simplest to the most complex tasks. Even thinking and sleeping requires energy. Although sleeping may appear to be passive, it still requires energy because the body does repair work during the sleep phase.

A home is supposedly for the occupants to rest and re-energise but in this instance, it can be draining instead of being conducive. It would exacerbate one’s inherent issues, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Even if one does not have such issues initially but in time to come, one’s well-being could be compromised due to this energy condition in one’s living or working space.

In summary, when both the land and humans have a full spectrum of minerals in the right ratio, it powers their respective functioning optimally