Since the beginning of human civilisation Earth has provided us with a sanctuary, cradles us lovingly in her bosom and nourishes us with her essences. Least to her expectation, we have become the prodigal son who bites the hand that feeds. Our unrelenting scavenging of Nature’s most precious resources through harmful technological means has driven Planet Earth to endless wars, famines, crimes and environmental catastrophes and closer towards the precipice of total destruction. It is indeed ludicrous for us to expect a different outcome when we continue to do the same thing. Not until and unless we abandon our devious and accustomed ways of handling our lives based on greed and selfishness, total annihilation of the human race is a clear and present danger. Indeed, we are at the crossroad of the most critical moment in Earth’s history. How we respond to these challenges will determine whether we will advance human consciousness and evolution or end up crumbling into a pile of ashes.

Many individuals who were ill-equipped to handle situations of such tumultuous nature were reduced to living wrecks; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is against this backdrop that Heaven’s Gift Academy has since 2001 been dedicated to guiding and providing individuals with the means of gaining insights and wisdom to deal with these current extreme life challenges and Earth changes through a structured learning system called Crystal Light Transmission (CLT). We are committed to transmitting the CLT system to Mankind; providing a new perspective for resolution of current human crisis of epic proportion.

CLT is an abbreviation for Crystal Light Transmission. It refers to a way of cultivating and transmitting Light through the medium of crystal. The reason we focus our attention on Light is because of the pivotal role it plays in creation. Light animates all life and forms in the universe with the energy it delivers. Light which emerges from the primal source of creation transmits primordial genetic information and material that drives the evolution of the cosmos.

In order for us to teach that which is invisible and intangible, we have selected crystal as a medium to facilitate one’s learning about Light energy. Through the course of your study of CLT, it will gradually become apparent to you why crystal is such a marvellous teaching tool for facilitating one’s learning about Light. The ancients called it “solidified Light” which is the purest form of physical matter. CLT is a structured learning system that teaches one about Light. It involves the use of natural crystals to teach one how to reconnect to the primal source of creation. Through the practice of CLT, one learns how to use Light energy from the Source to purify the elements of time space, air, fire, water and earth. These five broad division of elements found in nature can be considered to be the primary building blocks of the human body. The immediate objective of the CLT practitioner is to refine these five elements within the body with light energy till a perfect state of harmony and balance is achieved.

CLT is a system of both practice and cultivation that must be instituted concurrently. Practice refers to the movement and meditative exercises adopted by the practitioner which involves the use of crystals to learn how to purify the physical body. At this elementary phase of practice, CLT is developed for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life, promoting health, disease prevention, protecting and prolonging life. On the other hand, cultivation refers to the higher aspect of the CLT system where one learns how to upgrade mind and character, live life in loving collaboration with others and conduct one’s life according to the fundamental laws that govern the universe. It is only through cultivation one can ever hope of ever completing our human evolution and be liberated from the shackles that chain us to the endless cycles of human pain and suffering, aging and death.

CLT Group Practice grounds Cosmic Fields of Energy

Where practitioners are gathered together in a location with the intention of practicing CLT in concert with many others with whom one’s thoughts are in harmonized resonance, a vast field of intelligent light energy is created which far outweigh the sum of its parts. This immense self-sustaining reservoir of potential living energy will work intelligently towards healing and enhancing those present without the effort and conscious direction of energy by any particular individual associated with it. It has become a powerful medium through which the group can gain access to the much more potent living fields in the deep cosmos.