On The Choices We Make

When I was a child, I used to collect stones. I would collect from the beach, from the park, from the roadside. Shy and awkward, I walked with my head stooped and my eyes fixed on the ground, it was quite easy to spot the unique ones. No two stones looked the same. 

I used to be amazed at how unique each stone looked, the uneven surface, the different shades of grey, green and brown. I used to wonder how each was formed, the years involved in the process of shaping into its current state, the numberless grains of sand, layered and compressed, coalescing into sediment, then into unyielding rock, until all was set in stone.

More than forty years later, I now collect crystals.

Choices shape our lives

When I joined HG Academy more than ten years ago, I met a practitioner who had asked for crystal healing from the School when his health started deteriorating. A man in his sixties, he was careful with how he spent his money. According to him, his financial savings were precious to him because he had worked very hard to save them all his adult life. As such, he would try to spend the least possible, going for the cheapest rather than the benefits for his body’s needs. He must have felt spending a lot of money on supplementation and nutritious food was a costly indulgence on his part.    

Life can be full of irony. Crystal healing is very powerful and the School has experienced several cases of “miracles” from it. 

In this man’s case, however, in order for his health to improve, he was required to detox his large intestine as it had been congested for a long time which had created a lot of fungus and toxins, adversely affecting his immune system and the rest of his physiology. That meant he had to sign up for a colon cleanse, as well as taking fibre supplements. Healing could only happen when his body was rid of most of the toxins.

He refused, adamantly professing his faith that his health would improve just from crystal healing. A few weeks later, he passed away. His body weakened at a fast rate due to the toxin overload. He was a man who was reluctant to spend his money to help himself. Not that he didn’t have enough, but lifelong choices driven by the need to accumulate wealth at the expense of his health had starved his body of what it truly needed.

I was at his house with my husband and a few other members when he exhaled his last breath in his room upstairs. 

As we drove home I thought about this man’s life.

Long before his life ended, his life experiences, one after another, led him to believe financial security is the ultimate aim. That decision cemented how he would live and how he would end. Like the stones I used to collect, the numberless choices were like grains of sand, accumulated and compounded throughout his time, forming his unyielding mind, set like stone. 


There is a kind of inevitability in the fate of man. Our lives unfold according to ancient, unchangeable laws, according to an invariable and ancient rhythm. To safeguard the interests of every being in creation, so that all beings in the universe can co-exist in peace and harmony, these universal laws have existed since the beginning of time:

Law of Freewill

“Our creator’s gift of free will is an expression of love for us.  He allows us to explore the universe on our own, make mistakes and learn.  He also provided us with guiding principles, nourishment guides, teachers, retrieval mechanisms, protection and teachings, in the event we can’t find our way home”.

How many people understand this law, that it is a gift to every sentient being, an expression of love from our Creator, unconditionally given to us to choose how we want to learn and evolve? I wonder how many know that this freewill given to us has been established since the beginning of time as stipulated by the Laws. It never crossed my mind how important this gift was and what it meant until I joined the Academy.

On the one side of the scale, I see some who exercise their freewill to exert control on other lifeforms, to the point of bringing destruction to everyone. On the other end of the scale, I see some who don’t believe they have the freewill to choose as their circumstances are too overpowering for them to overcome. 

I know many generally prefer to live in the middle of the scale. We hold onto beliefs, such as to do no harm, to be good and do the right thing. But it’s challenging when we don’t understand what it takes to conform to the universal laws. Many don’t realize that the foundational principles of all universal laws are love, truth and selflessness. When we express these principles in regards to freewill, we will need to allow, which means there is no intention on our part to want to control or influence.  This is pure love. 

I can think of many excuses to do otherwise, out of wanting the “best” for the other person. But the law is the law. Any violation will have unfavourable consequences, not just for me, but also for the person whose interests I care about.

“When He allows freewill in the universe, there will be chaos. If there is no allowing, then there won’t be any learning, there will be absolutely no cultivation, meaning no one should take away someone's choice of 'learning consequences'.

Law of Balance / Karma

“There was a time that violations occurred.  It happened because beings chose to explore the Law of Freewill.  This act of violation first activated the Law of Karma.  The more they violated, the further they drifted from the Source; till the connectedness they once had with Source and the Laws remained as an unconscious part of us called conscience.”

Even as the Law of Freewill allows us to explore, there are also other Laws that work in tandem with it, such as the Law of Karma. This Law stipulates that whatever choices we make in life, there are always consequences—there are no good or bad ones, as is habitually concluded in our human mind. They come about from the Law that brings order to a world, to our lives that had become disorderly due to our choices. They come about so that we learn from the choices we make. The Law of Karma is nothing more than the Law of Balance.

As with the practitioner who passed away, with his mindset cast in stone, there was no room for love for his body and its elementals. His miserly attitude which he believed was the right way to live had determined his end. As he violated the principle of love, the laws of freewill and karma were enacted. The elementals chose to exercise their freewill to no longer support his body as there was no love for the body after they have toiled to support his goal of financial security. This loveless choice led to the activation of the law of karma – where his health deteriorated as he refused to invest resources to care for his body.

Perhaps he didn’t have the chance to understand and express the Principles. Perhaps, he might have felt it was too difficult to express them at such a late stage in his life. Perhaps, he didn’t understand what it meant to be given the gift of freewill. No matter what our circumstances are, one thing’s for sure, no one and nothing can take our freewill away from us. We can choose how our lives are shaped. We can choose to change course if we want to.    
And this has been set in stone.  

(“For CLT grid owners and practitioners, when there is an intention to improve for the better, a specific geometry would form to support their needs at different stages of their evolvement.”)

Note: Captions in italics are extracts from CLT materials.