Biowell sharing (20 April 2021, Guan Tan) – Effects of Anger

I would like to share some findings regarding the damaging effects of anger and the re-energizing and healing provided by CLT 5E practice using HG crystals. The Biowell system scans below (dated 19 March 2021) provide visual evidence of the energetic changes I experienced.


My daughters have been fostering two large rescued puppies since December 2020. We have adopted one and continue to foster the other. I am probably the only one in my family who has reservations about having dogs in a small apartment.

Summary of events


I try to do the CLT 5E practice each morning using HG crystals. After the 5E practice, I feel calm, refreshed and view things with equanimity, if only momentarily. Although that particular morning was no different, my emotional state changed quite rapidly.

7.04 am - The Biowell scan images below show my Biowell readings after CLT 5E movement and still form. My energy reserve levels were high (62 Joules / 91%) and no imbalances were noted. 

Within the next 20 minutes, I experienced an explosion of anger caused by my dog misbehaving. I totally lost it and felt awful immediately– rattled, resentful and not a little embarrassed by my unexpected outburst, especially after CLT practice. 

7.24 am - The Biowell scan below was taken directly after this outburst and shows my energy level was significantly reduced (45 Joules / 26%) and drained by my strong outburst. Spikes / imbalances appeared in my adrenal and respiratory system.

Feeling unsettled and distraught, I did the CLT still form again and below is the result.

8.13 am - The Biowell scan below shows that my energy levels recovered somewhat (59 Joules / 84%) after CLT still form but had not regained the original level. The imbalances / spike in the adrenals were still present but reduced.


Not expressing the 3 Principles (Love, Truth and Selflessness

Intellectually, I recognise that dogs are sentient beings and should be treated with love and respect. I don't think it is wrong to be firm to show them what appropriate or inappropriate behaviour is but I realise that I must do so in a way that expresses love rather than fear frequency.  
Despite this awareness, what confounds me is that I still lose my temper at them very easily and it stresses me up.  Please see section on “triggers” for details.
When I fail to express love, to dogs or humans, it creates distance, disharmony and saps my energy. For example, I realise that when I scold and smack the dogs, it also hurts my daughters who are very attached to them. My daughters look at me accusingly (you should know better, Daddy!) and this affects our relationship. When I treat the dogs with love and respect (or just refrain from losing my temper), there is usually no problem and the family is harmonious.
I realize that the resentment and anger I feel towards the dogs stem primarily from my ego and self-esteem. I perceive dogs as animals, hence they should not be treated like humans and should obey instructions and do what they are told, especially in the house environment. I dislike walking the dogs simply because I feel it is beneath me to be ‘led’ by them and get angry when they do not respond to instructions or show defiance / free-will.


I feel very self-conscious when the dogs bark at strangers and neighbours, play/fight with other dogs or do anything that creates a public scene. When that happens, I feel embarrassed and upset, which leads to blow ups. I dislike the fact that the dogs have to be walked 3 times a day by my helper, daughters and/or wife and worry that it takes time away from their studies, free time, chores etc. I basically feel resentful that the family is constrained by the dogs’ schedule and needs. I also worry that there will be fewer people to walk the dogs once my daughters leave for studies abroad. 
I find that being aware and conscious of these triggers do help in reducing my anger but I still succumb from time to time and it is frustrating. 

Effects of anger 

After an outburst and angry explosion, I immediately feel drained and regretful. My energy level takes a big dive (which can be seen by the Biowell images) and I am unable to concentrate on tasks at hand. After a particularly intense outburst, I remember being completely spent and uncommunicative for the entire day. Needless to say, my angry outbursts also affect family members and the environment.

Thin nerve coating 

My outbursts and propensity to get angry / irritated easily at the dogs (and other stressful situations including at work and family), is likely due to low energy and thin nerve coating which affects my emotional capacity (ability to withstand stress without losing balance). I have to work on developing my nerve insulation by building and conserving energy through CLT practice and proper nutrition / supplementation (i.e. sufficient anti-oxidants, suitable oils and Vitamin C).


We are taught that life throws us challenges and we need to have the right system and tools to prepare for them. My current challenge is to resolve my relationship with the dogs.
This is no doubt a challenge for me and definitely a work in progress as I find it difficult to find the energy to refine my mind and character. I often relapse into apathy, laziness and attachments. This highlights other issues:

  1. I have toxicity in my chakras that needs to be cleaned out before I can function at a higher level of consciousness.
  2. My damaged aura field (lack of love) makes it difficult for me to understand, process and integrate the CLT teachings into a holistic framework. I am not using the borrowed energy wisely to facilitate comprehension.
  3. I am not expressing the 3 Principles correctly and lack confidence in explaining the CLT teachings and objective of HG to my daughters or family in a convincing way. 

CLT practice 

As a CLT practitioner, I have to learn how to reconnect to the Source through CLT practice by using crystals to refine my Five Elements (time-space, air, fire, water and earth). As MB taught, I should borrow the colours of the crystals and try to assume the crystalline structure for the purpose of restructuring my character.  

By working on balancing my Five Elements and conserving energy, I aim to be able to express the 3 Principles and hence break through my rigid mind-set and rise above these pitfalls.