• How did this lady end up in depression in her twilight years? She belongs to the Silent Generation group typically evident in Asian cultures which displays the common characteristics of: hard work over long hours in gruelling work conditions, willing to wait for delayed rewards, unquestioned loyalty, respectful of authority, conforming, preferring not to ruffle feathers/nor initiate conflict, fearful of freedom of expression, prefers safety, security and consistency, a team player, “we” and basically, a traditionalist.

  • The difference between the ego and the soul is that the ego wants attention & is self-centred, whereas the soul wants to make an impact in this world thru service to others.

    Most can't tell the difference but many have discovered this and want to answer to their souls' calling but don't know the proper way to do this (and end up getting into trouble).

    And that's where Heaven's Gift comes in.....

  • My 13 year- old dog was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (a type of cancer in the mouth).  One night as I fell asleep on the sofa next to her, I woke up suddenly and found that she had a puddle of blood all round her mouth area.  She was a mid-sized dog and with blood forming a circumference of a 6 inch puddle, the sight was worrying.  I calmed myself first and look at the clock - it was close to midnight.   Her regular vet would be closed at that time.  I recall the School's protocol about stopping bleeding so I made a  paste from alfalfa and enzymes and pressed it against her upper

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How did this lady end up in depression in her twilight years? She belongs to the Silent
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